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New Year, New Armies with Para Bellum Games and Conquest

The folks at Para Bellum Games had a massive reveal this week of what to expect for the first quarter of 2024. There is lots to be excited about here!

The video below summarizes the news, but if you aren’t a video person, keep reading.

The Big News!

The number one big piece of news coming from Para Bellum Games is a brand-new faction! This faction is already up on pre-order for those of you interested! Using coupon code MCM can save you some money on your first purchase from Para Bellum’s Webstore – which might be good timing if you want to collect a new army.

Let’s take a closer look at the new Sorcerer Kings faction.

The Sorcerer Kings

This brand-new army is the most Elite force for Conquest yet. If you choose to play it, you will have to be prepared to defend your hard-hitting sorcerers from harm. This faction certainly looks interesting.

Raj - Sorcerer Kings
Sorcerer Kings miniature
Sorcerer miniature
Painted Ghols Sorcerer Kings Army Photos from Para Bellum Games
Painted Rajakur Sorcerer Kings Miniatures

There is a lot more to them. If you go to the Para Bellum E-Store, you will see the entire range currently available for pre-order. Among those new Minis is the brand-new army bundle previewed below.

Sorcerer Kings Army Box Set - 2024 Launch box for Conquest by Para Bellum Games

New Starter Army Boxes

If the Sorcerer Kings are not your cup of tea, Para Bellum has new starter armies for all of their factions. My eyes are on the Hundred Kingdoms with all of their mounted warriors. How about you?

Hundred Kingdoms 2024 Conquest Starter Set by Para Bellum Games
City States Starter Army Deal
Dweghom Starter Set for Conquest
Nords 2024 Starter Army for Conquest
Old Dominion Starter Set
Spires Starter Set
W'Adrhun starter set

In terms of value, these boxes hit well above last year’s bargains. They are a great way to get an army started for your collection at a good price.

If you would rather have a full-sized army all at once, Para Bellum Games has you covered with full 2000 point army bundles too.

2000 Point Army Bundles

For $399.99 to $529.99 you can buy all the way into a full 2000-point Conquest army. 2000 points is the recommended level for a full game. Let’s take a look at some of those offers. If you like them, you can order directly from Para Bellum Games or check with your favorite retailer.

Spires 2000 Point army
Old Dominion 2000 point army
2000 Point Dweghom Army
2024 W'Adrhun Army Deal

The four armies above are the ones currently available. Unlike the starter armies, these larger armies are new releases (not pre-orders). That means you should be able to get your hands on them now if you want them.

Wrapping it up…

The new items above are but a fraction of what Para Bellum revealed for Conquest this week. We have a ton of stuff coming our way for Q1 of 2024. Make sure to watch that video and take a look at the webstore for what is new.

If you want to know more about the game or piece together an army, Para Bellum has free rules online and even an army building app (also for free)!

I plan to get my hands on that awesome new 100 Kingdoms Starter army. How about you?

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

Until next time, Happy Gaming, Everyone!!!