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First Post of 2024 – Conquest Old Dominion Kataphraktoi Review

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Today’s post is an Old Dominion Kataphraktoi review of the miniatures from the game Conquest by Para Bellum Games. Now, I have written about these minis before in a quick look at their sprues. Today, I am going to show you the finished models, quickly show you those sprues again, and offer some of my thoughts on the miniatures kit too.

Now, join me for this quick review of these miniatures for Conquest.

The Sprues – Old Dominion Kataphraktoi Models

Here are the sprues of these miniatures. They are highly detailed, and I like the thick plastic frames. There is substance here!

Old Dominion Kataphraktoi horse sprue

Above is the sprue of the horses. Below are the riders.

Old Dominion Kataphraktoi rider sprue

Of the Conquest kits I received from Para Bellum Games, this one is one of the easier sets to build.

Now, let me show you the completed models.

Old Dominion Kataphraktoi Miniatures Built

Below is how the miniatures looked once I built them. There are a lot of details on these undead horsemen.

Old Dominion Kataphraktoi Miniatures Review

This first model I am going to show you up close, I really like. He looks really good to me, and I consider this guy the leader of my group. Looking at the horse, you can see how undead it actually looks. The riders have so much armor you can’t tell if they are dead or alive, but the mounts you can tell for sure that they have returned from the grave.

Old Dominion Kataphraktoi leader
Same rider from the side

Even the ribs show on the undead horse. Now let’s move on to the next model in the group.

The second Old Dominion Kataphraktoi model

This horse leans forward and half looks like it is driving into the ground. It certainly has an undead appearance; a shambling undead feel in my mind.

Undead horseman in Para Bellum Games Conquest

Above is another look at the same model. Moving along, here is the undead bannerman.


I really like the rider and banner on this miniature. They look great and the details are deep. I am betting it will be an easy model to paint.

Some Thoughts on the Miniatures

Below is a closer look at the horse. Of the three horses, I am not 100% sure on how the feet look on the base. I like having three points of contact (or more) for cavalry models.

Feet of Old Dominion Cavalry miniatures

I often get an unfounded nervous feeling when just two feet are on the base for a horse and rider model. I worry that they will be easy to break off, but miniatures are normally not that fragile. It is just one of my preferences. All these models came with three points of contact.

Look at how the feet barely fit the base - Conquest Miniatures Critique

The other thing that I often wish about Conquest minis is that I want their bases and movement trays to be bigger than they are. On these models, the bases work well enough. That said, if you look at that first miniature I should you (shown again above), his feet are partly off the base. I wish that were not the case. Larger bases and movement trays would solve that issue.

Despite that criticism, they are still great looking miniatures. Now, let me give you a quick scale comparison image of the Old Dominion Kataphraktoi miniature and something by Games Workshop.

Scale Comparison

Below we have a scale comparison of the Para Bellum Games Kataphraktoi miniature versus a Primaris Lieutenant. You can easily see how the Conquest miniature towers over Warhammer 40K figure. This is expected as Conquest uses large miniatures, but I always feel it is an interesting size comparison.

Para Bellum Games Conquest versus Warhammer 40K by Games Workshop scale comparison image

Wrapping it up…

Today’s post is a quick review of Old Dominion Kataphraktoi miniatures by Para Bellum Games. Overall, some nice models. Special thanks go to Para Bellum Games for sending me these miniatures for review.

If you want to get your hands on these, check your favorite retailers or head on over to the Para Bellum Games E-Store. If you go to Para Bellum Games, use the Coupon Code MCM to save 10% off your first purchase.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!