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Last Days Battle Report – Living Large

One of the things that I love is trying out different games with the miniatures I already have. As a result, Osprey Games has been a perfect fit for this site. They have plenty of Miniatures Agnostic (use whatever miniatures you want) games to choose from. Many, I have covered on this very site. With that out of the way, let me introduce you to my Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse Battle Report.

Last Days Battle Report

Before selecting a mission, we built our groups of survivors. I took a selfless leader with a group of 7 members (for a total of 8 survivors). My opponent Randall took a trained leader with an elite team of 4 people (for a total of 5 bodies on the field). This means that I had my opponent outnumbered, but they had me out gunned. In fact, many of my survivors didn’t even take firearms with them. I armed many of them with wrenches and clubs on purpose. More on that later.

The Selfless Survivors

Last Days Battle Report
Above is the Survivor Group that I took in this game. I did my best to make them What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG). Left to right. My Selfless Everyday Hero Leader. She is armed with a revolver, knife and medical supplies. Next to her is a Firefighter with a heavy club. Then a Firefighter with a Hunting Rifle. The lady with a rope has no weapons. She is an unarmed survivor. Beside her is Good Samaritan with a breach loading shotgun. Then another Good Samaritan armed with a shotgun. Next to him is a Good Samaritan with a club. The final man is a Rescue Worker with First Aid Training and a Club.

As a note, I had one survivor without a weapon. That is not allowed in the rules – everyone has to be armed in some way. We made a mistake, but we still had fun.

The Trained Professionals

Last Days Trained Elite Survivor Group
The trained professionals came armed to the teeth with automatic guns and military grade rifles. While this group carried the firepower, my group outnumbered them. I absolutely fear meeting them in a straight up fight.

Starting the Battle

Now, let’s get right into the Last Days Battle Report.

We rolled up the scavenging mission. In this mission, the object is to collect more scavenging tokens than your opponent. It is very much like the treasure collection objective in many Frostgrave scenarios. This is actually the scenario that the book suggests you play for your first battle. We were happy with this selection.

Osprey Games Last Days Battle Report
With the Zombies and tokens out, my opponent chose to deploy on the top left side of the table.
Warlord Games Bolt Action Miniatures in a Zombie Game
Not wanting to engage Randal’s survivors with heavy weapons, I deployed on the bottom left side of the table. The building would block line of site between the groups at the start of the game. My Firefighters lead the charge into the zombies to free up the tokens.

The Early Rounds

Last Days Zombie Apocalypse
My squad advanced and two of my guys shot their guns. The Firefighter with the club engaged the closest zombie.
Last Days Battle Report - Taking out Zombies in Melee
In Melee, the Firefighter took out the zombie. My groups is proving to hold their own against the zombies.

Perhaps a Little Too Confident

Zoomed out shot of Zombie Miniatures Game battle
By the start of the next round, things are looking different. The shots on my side of the table attracted a number of new zombies. I parked one of my guys too close to the edge of the table, so he found himself in immediate danger. The other survivor group advanced towards their first token without worry.
Osprey Games Zombie Battle Report
Here you can see the situation of my group a little better. Lots of Zombies!
Miniature Zombies versus Survivors
My front-line already impacted by two approaching Zombies.
Last Days using miniatures by Warlord Games and Zombicide by CMON
And the guy that I left at the boarder of the table has it the worse of the whole group!

When the Group Becomes One

Acting in the interest of the group, everyone on my side steps to the plate. They act as a well formed team instead of as a collective of individuals. Any differences they may have had, they put aside to make sure they all come out alive.

Playing Last Days - After Action Report
The firefighter with the rifle moves some distance and takes out a Zombie. Meanwhile, everyone else in the group rushes in and doubles up against the Zombies. Even the Doctor / Emergency Worker rushes in with a club.
Zombie Miniatures Game of Survival by Osprey Games
A close up of a Good Samaritan and the Doctor against a zombie.
Reusing Miniatures from Zombicide and Bolt Action for Last Days the Miniatures Game
Meanwhile, the man sandwiched between the two zombies breaks free and runs closer to the group. The zombies follow and score a hit on the man.
Working as a team
Zooming out, you can see my group working well as a team. Two of my guys suffered hits, but we collected a scavenger token already.

Back to the Other Side of the Table

The Elites are doing well at killing zombies, but have attracted a large number of more zombies due to the noise of their weapons.

The other side also attracts Zombies
As you can see, the Zombies start coming after the other group too. The other group answers with sub-machine gun fire. That’s a good way to attract even more zombies.

Walking off with the First Token

While my opponent still has not yet reached their first scavenger token, my group already picked up their first one and are sending it off the board.

Taking out Zombies in Last Days
You can see my group took out a few of the zombies. We also have a man heading up the top left side of the table with a scavenger token. The Good Samaritan remains locked in combat with the two zombies, but he buys the rest of the group more time. Meanwhile, the unarmed survivor and the rifle armed fireman make their way towards a second token.
After the next round, you can see my firefighter closer to the second token. At the same time, the guy who already captured a token is now almost off the table.

The Final Turns

At this point, I was very nervous. I feared that my opponent would try to take a few shots at my survivors. That said, the other side found themselves too busy dealing with zombies to attack me.

using automatic weapons attracts a lot of zombies in Last Days
As you can see, the more zombies that my opponent takes out, the more that come to the field. That is part of the reason my guys are relying on clubs to take out the zombies. Less noise, less risk. 🙂
Racing towards the scavenger token - Last Days Battle Report
At this point, you can see my opponents cop in the top right of this image. A little far away, but still scary that they have line of site on my guy. As a note, I am using my unarmed survivor as bait for the nearest zombie while my rifle armed firefighter rushes towards that second objective.
Battle table - two forces fight against zombies to gather scavenged treasures
On the top right, you can see how busy the zombies keep my opponent. Nice!
Scavenger token scored - Last Days Battle Report
By the end of the battle, this guy made his way off of the table to score a point.
Likewise, the firefighter captured the group’s second scavenger token. The opponents team only managed to find one. In this battle, my side ended up on top!

In the end, my side collected more scavenged treasure than my opponent (2 to 1). This means that my side won and would be better equipped for our next engagement.

Thoughts About the Game

I read through Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse sometime ago and reviewed the game last August. This Last Days Battle Report was the first time that I played the game with Randal and Dave and I had a lot of fun. Randal played as my opponent while Dave helped with the rules.

I will say though that this game plays just like Carniverse. They use the same gaming engine, but one focuses on dinosaurs while the other on zombies as the environmental danger. Knowing that, I decided to arm much of my group with melee weapons to attract fewer zombies. That strategy paid off as Randal found that the more he fired his advanced weaponry at the zombies, the more the zombies swarmed his forces. He held them off well, but dealing with the zombies made his side less capable at collecting scavenger tokens.

Personally, I found it very interesting that neither side engaged the other. In essence, we played two simultaneous solo skirmish games on the same table. Regardless, we both enjoyed the match and did our best to do better than the other.

Attacking Zombies
An image of my survivors positioning themselves to better take on the zombie threat.

Wrapping it up…

Hopefully you enjoyed this Last Days Battle Report. We had a lot of fun playing the game and the table looked great.

As I mentioned at the top of the article, one of the beauties of this game (and most by Osprey Games) is that you can use whatever miniatures you want. In this game, I used miniatures by Warlord Games, RAFM, and Tally-Ho Games for my group of survivors. My opponent used minis by Reaper Miniatures. For those wondering, all of the zombies in this report were from Zombicide.

As for the terrain, we used a mat by Cigar Box Battle, a building by PlastCraft Games, and those awesome fences are by Six Squared Studios.

Please feel free to let me know what you thought of this battle report in the comments below.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!