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Regimental Fire & Fury Battle Report – The Fight in Godly Wood (Hotlead 2018)

At Hotlead 2018, I got a chance to try out a game of Regimental Fire & Fury. This is the Battle Report of that game.

This was a game for two to eight players. Six players showed, so the breakdown was three players per side.  I played as one of the British commanders.

“Eye-candy” pictures of the miniatures from both sides of the battle are at the end of this Battle Report.

Regimental Fire and Fury Battle Report from Hotlead 2018
The Table as set at the beginning of the battle. On the left is the British force advancing on Baltimore. On the right, the American militia. The goal of the British force is to break through the American line, while the Americans still have reinforcements on route.

Below is the game description from the Hotlead 2018 Website…

The Fight in Godly Wood – 25mm. War of 1812. North Point, Maryland Sept 12, 1814. American militia attempt to halt British armies’ advance on Baltimore, Maryland after the burning of Washington. Regimental Fire & Fury rules. GM: Eric Ritchie. 2-8 players.

As far as background, we were given a little more than the text above, but not too much. Each side broke off to discuss their plans.

The Plan of Attack

Our group came up with a simple plan, which to us seemed obvious and sure to work. With a total of four sections, we decided to advance three of them straight onto the enemy while outflanking them with the fourth. The Americans planned simply to brace for impact and hope for quick reinforcements.

Regimental Fire and Fury Battle Plan for War of 1812
The British planned to send three sections straight at the enemy while flanking with the fourth. I played as the flanking force that would approach on the closest side of the board.

We rolled initiative and the British went first.

Moving to Attack

Below is a quick look at the American positions the British needed to breakthrough.

American Blockade during the War of 1812 - Regimental Fire and Fury Battle Report
The American Blockade from the American side of the board. They must stop the British from passing. Lucky for them, reinforcements are on route! You can see a choke-point behind them (on the bottom left) as there is just a single bridge there for all forces on either side to cross.

With no fear, the British advanced. In Regimental Fire and Fury, you roll for your command ability each turn. That roll determines what orders and distances you can move for the turn. Unfortunately for me, my rolls were pretty bad so my flanking troops moved slower throughout the game than they should.

Regimental Fire and Fury Battle Report at Hotlead 2018
The British forces advance.
Regimental Fire & Fury Miniatures Game Battle Report
My troops advanced and to their surprise, they found that what they thought was a clear area, was actually a swamp!!! Oh, oh!!! We should have sent out scouts to investigate the area first! Who knew? Actually, one of the guys watching the battle told us that if we knew the details of the actual historical battle, we would have known that there was some rough terrain there.
Hotlead 2018 Battle Report - Fire & Fury Miniatures Game
Above is the look of the battle table. We faced a choice of breaking formation to go through the marsh or diverting our approach. We chose to divert our approach.
Regimental Fire and Fury War of 1812 Tabletop Miniature Wargame AAR
As a result of my groups diversion, we ended up behind the advancing lines with whom we were supposed to be performing the flanking maneuver.

The Charge!

Although our approach did not end as we hoped, we had to charge. If we did not, the enemy’s reserves would soon arrive.

Charging in Regimental Fire & Fury Battle Report
The British charge into the American lines. Behind the American lines, you can see the reinforcements marching fast to help engage the British.
War of 1812 - Battle for Godly Woods Battle Report
A look at the action closer to the level of my leading troops.
War of 1812 miniatures battle
A look from the Battle Field a little further out. The British better act fast!!!

The Americans form up faster than expected and the British start taking heavy losses.

American Vs Canadian / British Battle Report - The Fight for Godly Woods
The Americans form up and push back their British assailants. Look at how heavy that American Defensive line has become!

The middle units sustain heavy loses and my forces take their turn at the charge! Notice that the unit beside me has been pushed back and is in disorder.

Hotlead 2018 - War of 1812 Battle Report
My forces charge into the American lines.
Hotlead 2018 Participation Game
Another look at the action on my side of the table.

The Downfall of the British

At this point, it was all or nothing and the British Casualties started piling up.

Regimental Fire and Fury Field Hospital
These are our casualties so far. The Americans have suffered almost none. Also, many of our units are disordered at this time.

While the center line pulls back, my units push forward trying to achieve a flanking maneuver.

Regimental Fire and Fury Play Through
My units push through while the thin units in the middle hold.
Cannon Fire
Oh, Oh!!!! The Americans divert a Canon from the front lines and fire at my ranks side on.  🙁
Regimental Fire and Fury War of 1812 Miniatures Game Battle Report
Our side continues to whittle down and the American’s Cavalry and reinforcements fully join the battle. While my forces push on okay, the rest of our side has already sustained heavy loses and start to run.
War of 1812 British Surrender in a miniatures game
The game ends in British defeat. Well done by our American friends.

The Americans end this Battle Report as the victors. While the Americans hold in this alternate version of history, in the real history, the American forces retreated after inflicting heavy casualties on the British. If you want to know more about the actual history of this encounter, research the Battle of North Point.

Eye Candy

As promised, check out the “eye-candy” pictures of the battle below.

Eric Ritchie - Hotlead 2018
A line of British Infantry at the beginning of the game.
Eric Ritchie - Regimental Fire and Fury Demo Game
One of the British Commanders.
Hotlead 2018 - Historical Miniatures Participation Game
The American Defensive position at the start of the game.
28mm War of 1812 gaming
A farm house and shed.
28mm Canon War of 1812
An American Cannon
A British Howitzer during the war of 1812
A British Howitzer.

Wrapping it Up…

Overall, I had a lot of fun playing this game. Eric Ritchie did a good job of introducing six new players to the rules of Regimental Fire & Fury (by Fire and Fury Games) and I got to learn a little bit about History in the process. Normally, this is a game I would have never been able to play if it was not for great local gaming conventions like Hotlead. It is really something special to be able to go to one of these special events and try out a large number of different games on great looking tables.

After the game, Eric briefed us on the events and let us know that we tried to tackle the problem in a similar way to how the British army did back in the day. They also went for the open field and hoped for a flanking maneuver and were slowed down by a swamp. It shows that it is all the more important to actually scout the land before pressing your attack.  🙂

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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