You are currently viewing “Over The Top” Summer Offensive 2016: Brantford, Ontario – June 25

“Over The Top” Summer Offensive 2016: Brantford, Ontario – June 25

Update; This convention has now taken place and I have written a short report about the event. If you want to read what I wrote about the event earlier, continue reading below.

In many ways, I am lucky with the area in which I live. There are plenty of gaming stores in my city and a number of clubs in the larger area where Miniature games are available to me. One of the clubs within an hour or two drive of me is called Lords of the North (they also have a Facebook page that you might be interested in if you live in Southern Ontario, Canada). I don’t know too much about the group, but I am looking forward to attending their event, “Over The Top,” this weekend.

Recently they have posted their games schedule and a list of vendors that will attend. I am very happy to see Forbes Hobbies, the store that I like to game at, making a presence to run some tables of Bolt Action at the convention. Vendors attending include J&M Miniatures, W.S. Hobby, Toys & Collectibles, 6 Squared Studios, Connection – From Barrie ON, and James Whyte Terrain. I didn’t see RAFM in the list of vendors, but if they are there, there is a new figure that I want to buy for use in my Bolt Action army.

One company that I have my eye on is 6 Squared Studios. It is a great little company that has been coming to my local conventions for about a year or two now. So far, I have purchased only bases from them, but I am interested in buying some of their new products. The sandbag models and paint rack for dropper bottles I am particularly interested in and I plan to buy some of the sandbag models at the convention. I will review the products here in a future post if I get them.

For anyone in the area that is wondering what to do this Saturday, June 25, consider going to this Convention. It should be a lot of fun and you will be supporting a cool looking club and a number of local companies. Hope to see you there.