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3D Printed Les Grognard Ogres

In this post, I look at some 3D Printed Les Grognard Ogres by Wargames Atlantic. A friend of mine printed these for me to review and you can get the stl file for them on MyMiniFactory. If you play Warhammer 40K, these miniatures are akin to Ogryns. But you can use these miniatures in whatever games you happen to play.

I am using these miniatures in Grim Dark Future [affiliate] by One Page Rules. It is a fun ruleset that is quicker and easier than 40K. Best of all, they encourage you to play the game with whatever miniatures you have, meaning you can use miniatures from multiple systems and manufacturers all in one game.

The Pieces – Les Grognard Ogres

These miniatures come with a few different options to print off as you can see below.

Les Grognard Ogres pieces

I chose to build mine with the biggest guns in the set.

Building Proxy Orgyns

These are big solid pieces, so they are easy to put together. I used super glue to glue the figures together and to glue them down onto bases. I used 40mm Round bases by Six Squared Studios. The figure closest to us in the picture is in a heel-step pose. Those poses don’t often work out for me.

My work table with lots of 3D printed Miniatures on it

That figure didn’t glue on correctly to the base for me. You can see above he fell off his base.

For those curious, the other miniatures in progress here are my Les Grognard Cavalry miniatures. They are also by Wargames Atlantic and found on on MyMiniFactory. I reviewed those models earlier and a version of them will be coming out in hard plastic in the future.

To deal with the heel-step model, I used greenstuff to prop up the miniature into a pose that works for me.

Building proxy Orgyns by Wargames Atlantic - Warhammer 40K - 3D Printed Les Grognard Ogres

Now, let’s take a look at some of the head options available on these models.

3D Printed Les Grognard Ogres – Some of the Heads

When my friend printed these off, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use these with a command squad or a grunt feel. To figure it out, I had him print off a few head options for these 3D Printed Les Grognard Ogres.

To see how they would look before I temporarily placed the heads on the torsos. To do that, I used blue tack [affiliate]. It’s not the true blue tac, but it works the same for me.

Three Sci-Fi Ogre Miniatures for Grim Dark Future

I like these ones! They look pretty good

The same minis with a different hat

Here are some more fun options.

3D Printed Les Grognard Ogres - Proxy Orgyn Miniatures for Warhammer 40K or Grim Dark Future

These heads the ones that I went with. They are going to be on the front lines of my army, so I figured they should have proper helmets.

There are other head options, but these are the ones that my friend printed off for me.

Now, let’s bring it all together.

Wrapping it up…

These Les Grognard Ogres look great and go together very easily. You can pick them up through MyMiniFactory if you are interested. While you are there, take a look at the Wargames Atlantic Library. It is truely impressive.

If you prefer hard plastic minis, Wargames Atlantic also has those available from their website or your favourite online retailer.

Even Amazon has some Wargames Atlantic Kits [affiliate] available.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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