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Conquest Promethean Giant Review

When it comes to miniatures, Para Bellum Games makes giants. What’s even bigger? How about a Para Bellum Giant. Check this out!!!

Today’s post is a review of the Conquest Promethean Giant for their City States faction.

Promethean Giant Review

Look at this thing. It dwarfs the size of the new Brutalis Dreadnaught.

A Short but Giant Sized Video Review

In my newest video review, I talk about this giant, compare it to other ranges, discuss how easily it went together, and talk a little in general about my thoughts on the miniature.

The Promethean Sprues and Two Ways to Build the Miniature

This Promethean Giant miniature comes comes on two sprues and can be built as one of two variants. Here are the sprues.

Promethean Sprue - Conquest Giants
Hephaestian Sprue for Conquest

Using them you can build the Promethean.

The Promethean

Or the Hephaestian down below.

The Hephaestian

I went with the Promethean build, because I like the look of that miniature better.

Building the Miniature Giant for Conquest

To start, I put together the legs,

Building a Conquest Giant

and then the Torso.

Working on the figure. Almost done

Building the miniature was fairly easy, but I did have some issues with the second arm.

Gluing the arm onte the Promethean Giant.

It lined up okay, but as the plastic cement dried, it moved a bit which resulted in a gap.

The completed model - See the gap on the arm.

You can see a small gap there above. I should have used something to hold it in firmer while the glue dried. You can see the issue better in the video if you want to see more.

That arm, by the way, is five pieces. The rest of the model is much easier to build with larger parts.

That arm in 5 pieces

Above: You can see the five pieces of the arm laid out in the bottom left of the image.

The Completed Promethean Giant for Conquest

The final product looks really good. Even though I should have glued the arm on a little differently to prevent that spacing, it still looks great. Check out the pictures below.

The Promethean Giant by Para Bellum Games
An amazing Giant Miniature by Para Bellum Games for Conquest

Scale Comparison

Below are a couple of quick scale comparison images of this giant. Miniatures by Para Bellum are big in general, but their giants are even bigger!!!

Scale Comparison Image - Frostgrave vs Wargames Atlantic vs Reaper Minaitures vs Games Workshop vs Conquest

Left to right we have: A Wargames Atlantic Halfling, a Reaper Miniatures Hill Giant, the Conquest Promethean, an Age of Sigmar Stormcast Eternal, and a Frostgrave Barbarian.

GW Brutalis Dreadnaught vs a Conquest Giant

Here we have a shot of the Warhammer 40K Brutalis Dreadnaught by Games Workshop and the Conquest Giant again. If you want to see the Giant versus another Conquest miniature, be sure to check out my video review.

Wrapping it up…

The Promethean by Para Bellum Games is a good looking model to put together. It is ginormous even against other giant-sized miniatures by other brands. Unfortunately, I do not have a Games Workshop or Mantic Giant to compare it too, but it is large.

The miniature itself comes in a dual kit where you can build it in one of two ways. There isn’t a lot of variety in how you can pose the giant (aside from the two different builds) but it is a sharp looking model.

If you are interested in this miniature, or any other miniature by Para Bellum Games, use the coupon code MCM to save 10% on any first purchase from their online store.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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