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The Great Cthulhu by Fenris Games

In this post, I carry on with my look at the miniatures of Sword and Brush’s 2019 painting competition. Sword and Brush is a wargaming and miniature painting event from my local area (near Toronto, Ontario, Canada). This time, I take a good and close look at the Great Cthulhu by Fenris Games, as painted by Chris Baginski. The Great Cthulhu is central to many of the stories by H.P. Lovecraft and great for Horror and Cult Gaming. This model comes from Fenris Games’ 28mm Cthulhu Wars line of miniatures.

Fenris Games

One of the fun things about going to conventions is learning about other miniatures lines and products. At Sword and Brush, I learned of a whole slew of “new to me” products and companies. Fenris Games is one of those companies.

Two brothers run this company out of England and offer a number of services. I will be focusing in on their miniatures. They have a few different lines including 28mm fantasy, grey aliens and Cthulhu miniatures. That is a small sampling of what they offer, so check them out if you are interested.

This Cthulhu miniature is actually from the highly successful Kickstarter Board Game – Cthulhu Wars. Fenris Games, though, sells the miniatures in hard resin rather than soft plastic. This one comes three pieces. Assembled, it looks really good and the paint job by Chris Baginski makes it look even better.

Great Cthulhu Miniature by Fernis Games - resin model
A look at the 180mm tall Cthulhu painted up beautifully at Sword and Brush 2019. I think it would have been pretty neat if I had of set a 28mm or 32mm miniature beside it for scale.

As Painted by Chris Baginski

As I stated above, the quality of paint work at Sword and Brush’s painting competition is simply superb. Chris Baginski’s Cthulhu worked itself into that category too. Check out the shading and gradients on his model. Looks fabulous!!!

Now, I wish I got a shot with a closer look at the wings of the model, as they looked fantastic too, but let’s take a closer look a the model.

Fenris Games giant miniature
Check out the shading and colours on this model. Looks amazing! Perfect to show off for Halloween, or any time of the year for Cthulhu lovers such as myself.

Simply amazing work!!!

Wrapping it up…

Hopefully you enjoyed this quick showcase piece showing off a Cthulhu miniature painted by Chris Baginski. The talent in this area is simply amazing.

While gaming and painting are somewhat separate hobbies, we use the same tools, and in many cases, the same miniatures too. I really enjoyed checking out the talent that Ontario has to offer at Sword and Brush 2019.

For those interested in more showcase pieces, I gathered the ones I wrote so far together with links back to here on Bell of Lost Souls. For an even more complete list, check out my Wrap Up Article gathering together every single Sword and Brush 2019 article that I wrote.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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  1. BDub

    That is superbly painted! The only thing I wish was different were the eyes- I think they would have looked creepier and more alien if they wear actual cephalopod eyes.

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