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Keera Blade of Justice by Scale75

In my last post, I took a look at Boudicca by FeR Miniatures. In this post, I look at yet another miniature from the Sword and Brush 2019 painting competition. This time, I look at Keera Blade of Justice by Scale75 as painted by Jason Zajac. This miniature stands as a 75mm figure.

Before taking a closer look at the miniature, let’s take a look at Scale75.


One of the great things that I love about going to gaming conventions is finding new products (and products new to me). When it came to the large format miniatures, most of the manufacturers are new to me. This includes Scale75. While I knew of their paint line, I did not know of their miniatures lines. Upon inspecting their website, I learned that they have a lot available.

They have their own lines of paints, games, and miniatures, as well as a number of models by Tamiya. They also offer a number of services including painting, miniature casting, 3D printing and more. Their miniatures come in a variety of sizes but are mostly on the larger side. Just looking at their site quickly, I saw a number of 75mm and 35mm models available.

Keera Blade of Justice

Back to Keera Blade of Justice. Jason Zajac entered this figure into the Sci-Fi and Fantasy portion of the paint competition at Sword and Brush 2019. It’s a pretty good looking figure, but that armour is not going to protect her well in battle.  🙂

Painted Scale75 75mm female fantasy miniature
A look at the full Scale75 model, minus the base. A nice mini with a good paint job. I like the shading on clothing and armour.

The base also looked pretty cool, but unfortunately, I did not get it in the picture.

Wrapping it up…

Hopefully you enjoyed this quick post showcasing a painted version of Scale75’s Keera Blade of Justice. Overall, a nice figure well painted by Jason Zajac for a local painting contest.

I must say that I had not been to Sword and Brush (in Burlington, Ontario, Canada) before, but I really liked that they combined a painting competition of fine miniatures along with gaming. In my opinion, they are two separate hobbies that use the same tools. Both hobbies are populated with different people with a number crossing back and forth between the two.

I think that we gamers can learn a lot by looking at the figures painted by people who enjoy larger format miniatures (such as 75mm Figures and 1/10 Busts). They look brilliant.

Also, be sure to check out our Wrap Up Article gathering together every single Sword and Brush 2019 article that I wrote.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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  1. Andrés F.

    Nice NMM technique for Keera’s less-than-protective armor 🙂 I find her face less convincingly done, though.

    I like the figure but at the same time I’m sympathetic to the budding trend of sculpting more realistically clothed women miniatures for fantasy and scifi, such as North Star’s Soldiers II for Frostgrave, or Victoria Miniatures’ scifi women soldiers. I’m not opposed to chainmail bikinis or form-fitting corset armor, but I understand they are a bit ridiculous and impractical.

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