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Hotlead Frostgrave Warbands – Part 1

Today’s post is a quick look at 3 of the 6 Frostgrave Warbands I am hosting for Hotlead. If you are interested in trying the game out, be sure to come out to Hotlead and sign on the signup sheets for my games. I run games at 2pm and 7pm on the 25th of March (2017).

For those wondering, all 6 Wizards are at Level 20. I wanted to show participants what it is like to play higher powered Wizards.

The Warband below is made up entirely of RAFM Miniatures. This group consists of an Elementalist (the Dwarf with a Flame Thrower), his apprentice (the Dwarf with a sword), six Marksmen and one Crossbowman. I would recommend this group for beginners.

Above is a picture of the Elementalist Gang in the Frostgrave game that I am running. The whole warband specializes in standing and shooting and even the Wizard has a shooting skill of +5 (for his crossbow). Most of his easy to cast spells involve dealing damage to many close targets.
This means that the basic strategy with the above warband would be to stand and shoot with the marksmen while sending in the Wizard, Apprentice and Crossbowman to engage enemies and pick up treasure. The Wizard also knows the Leap spell so he can get a shooter or two into some really choice locations early in the game.

The next Warband is one that my readers will recognize. It is the Nameless One (a necromancer) with his apprentice. He has an Apothecary, 2 Rangers, a Crossbowman, a Skeleton, a Captain, and three Large Constructs. The Nameless One knows most of the Necromancer spells and is a master at casting Bone Dart. Most of the figures in this Warband are by North Star Military Figures with one made by Reaper and the three constructs being made by an undisclosed manufacturer. 🙂

This Frostgrave group would be best played by someone with some experience in Frostgrave or by someone with a good grasp of “combined arms” tactics. The soldiers in this group are fairly specialized and could easily be mixed into 3 tactical subgroups.

Above is the Nameless One along with his half-undead Warband. Opponents should find him very intimidating with three large constructs, a well armoured tank of a Captain and some speedy rangers.
One strategy would be to have the Captain activating with the Large Constructs and moving in a hunting group together. All three Constructs and the Captain share the same movement speed and the highest armour and fight values in the group.

The final group for today is the one from my last post. That is the Beastcrafter Warband. Now this group is one that I would suggest for either “experts” in Frostgrave or players that like a challenge. This group’s minions has the lowest fight value scores of any Warband in the game. They also have the highest speed.

This means that the Beastcrafter player should take advantage of their Hyena pack to hunt down lone enemies, surround them and use the +2 fight bonus (per outnumbering model) to take down their enemies. If I get them painted in time, I will add two thugs to this group as well.


Above is the Beastcrafter Warband. With no real attack spells, this Wizard may come across as one of the weakest. That said, he has the best casting value on Fog (a great defensive spell) and many spells to buff the members of his warband. He also comes with a +5 Attack score and the ability to fight just as well unarmed as he can with a weapon.
Most of the other Wizards do not boast with such a high fight score. That said, his warband has the lowest fight values at the table. This player will want to either attack in packs or cast lots of buffing spells before getting into a fight.

In the next 5 nights, I have a lot to do. I still have two pieces of scenery to paint, as well as 10 more miniatures to paint. For me, that is a lot of work! Hopefully I will get it all done in time for Hotlead!

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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  1. Michael Peterson

    I am hoping to see your FG game at Hot Lead. The minis look good.

    1. jacobstauttener

      It will be nice to see you there. I still have lots of work to do to finish up. About 10 more minis to paint and some hills to cut up. I just finished the rest of the terrain last night. 🙂

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