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Combining Conan with Frostgrave: Painting Up Conan The Boardgame (by Monolith)

A few months ago, Asmodee sent Must Contain Minis a Review Copy of Conan the Board Game. This is a very enjoyable game and for those that want to read earlier posts about it, check out my Initial Impressions / Unboxing post and my first Conan Battle Report.

Now that I am getting ready to run Frostgrave at a local convention, I want to use some of the Minis from Conan as a Warband.

Most recently, I posted about priming Conan models up at my favourite FLGS. Today’s post is a follow up to that post. Below is my progress on some of those minis.

Conan Vs Ape Miniatures
Above: Conan faces-off against an Ape in a Cape. My money is on Conan winning this fight.

Above is a fun picture of Conan squaring off against an Ape in a Cape. Aside from using these mini in Conan (the Board Game), I plan to use them in a game of Frostgrave at a local Convention. Part of my goal at the Convention is to show people that Frostgrave allows you to play with whatever minis you own (including minis from board games).

As such, I painted up a selection of the minis as a Beastcrafter Warband and NPC Barbarians.

Frostgrave Beast Master Warband
This is the Beastcrafter Warband that I plan to have one player use at Hotlead.


Hyena Miniatures
The Hyenas provide a fast attack pack for the gang. They will count as “Wolves” for the purposes of statistics. Considering that I painted the Hyenas almost entirely with Craft Store paint, I am very pleased with how well they look.


Hyena Miniature
A look at the front of a Hyena.


Each Hyena has a different number of spots on their sides to make them individually identifiable.


This is a Demon. In my Frostgrave Game, he will count as a “Bear” mutated to be able to carry treasure off the board.


Lots of muscles on this figure. The other warbands had best watch out.


This guy will count as the Beastcrafter’s apprentice.


He holds a bloody human heart in his left hand. I wonder if the other players will target him because of that fact.
Ape in a Cape
This Ape in a Cape will be my Beastcrafter Wizard at Hotlead. He has claws, is a melee monster and can fight well unarmed in combat. I do apologize that the face is a little out of focus, but the picture does show some of the nice definition across the rest of the miniature.


Ape in a Cape Miniature
A look at the Ape’s Cape.

Well… that concludes the look at the Beastcrafter Warband for my Frostgrave game at Hotlead. I may add a couple of Thugs to the group depending on how much of my GM prep work I get done.

Below are images of two of the models from Conan that I plan to use as Barbarians.

King Conan
This model turned out very nice.


The details in the clothing pretty much paint themselves with a wash.


A nice model that paints up quickly.


The Iconic Conan Himself. A great model with lots of crisp details. The details in the face are a little soft in comparison to the rest of the model, but look at how well it turned out with a wash and some highlighting.


The details on the back of the miniature are great too. For Board Game models, I am impressed. These are nice. They take primer without issues and paint up well.

I do plan to do another Battle Report and a Full Review of the Conan Board Game in the future. For those that have read my previous work about Conan, you can probably guess what I am going to say in the review – but I will quickly sum it up below.

Conan The Board Game has fantastic mechanics, great looking miniatures and is a blast to play. The models fit in perfectly with 32mm figures and could be used alongside 28mm figures. For those that buy games for the miniatures, you could easily reuse these models elsewhere aside from Conan. Some people complain that the game is Sexist in its depiction of Women given today’s climate of cultural sensitivities. If you know someone that takes that viewpoint, I don’t think that you can argue that they are wrong. If you can look past that fact, Conan is a fantastic game.

Swinging back to Frostgrave, there are more than enough figures in the Conan Boardgame to make a few Warbands. Like the Hyenas though, many of those models will have the same pose so one would have to figure out how to differentiate the miniatures from each other. For those that want to see how they measure up against 28mm and 32mm figures, I did size comparison pictures in my Unboxing article.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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