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Winter Priming at my FLGS

As some of my readers know, Must Contain Minis is situated in the Great White North of Canada. As such, I have to contend with snow and cold weather when I want to prime models. This means that spray painting outside is not an option. Spraying inside the house is also out of the question, and I do not own a an air-brush. So what is a man to do?

Well, one of my FLGSs (Friendly Local Gaming Stores) has an answer to that very question. My friends over at Forbes Hobbies actually have a spray station with a ventilation hood right in their store. This is great! I do all of my wintertime priming there and I am thankful for the service. Check this cabinet out…

Winter Time Priming - Paint Station in a retail store
Forbes Hobbies has a painting booth with a ventilation hood and turn-table inside. That is my plank of wood is mine, but the store would provide a painting surface if I wished.

I am very happy that I have a FLGS that provides this service. The other winter alternatives available to me include waiting for my wife to leave the house and spraying then (but she can always tell by the smell when she gets home) or try to paint out in the snow and cold weather one piece at a time. Neither of these solutions are good. Waiting for my wife to leave just gets me in trouble later on and spraying outside causes problems with the paint and its adhesion due to the cold.

Thank you Forbes! You are helping to save a relationship here.  🙂

So what miniatures was I painting? I was priming my entire collection of Conan (the board game) miniatures sent to me by Asmodee. Of course, these minis are fully usable for the Conan Board Game, but I also plan to use them for the Frostgrave table that I am running at Hotlead.


My primed Conan miniatures. As one can see, I even started getting the base-coat on some of the minis.

While I was painting, I loaned out one of my Cigar Box Battle Mats to some guys playing Bolt Action in the back. Below are a couple of pictures of the table on which the guys played. Stunning!!!

Gaming at Forbes Hobbies in Cambridge Ontario Canada
Some of the guys prepping for a game of Bolt Action.


An amazing table full of terrain for Bolt Action
Check this table out! Isn’t it gorgeous!!!

I hope everyone enjoyed this quick post about one of my FLGSs.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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  1. Phil

    Nice job…and beautiful table!

  2. Joe B

    I was actually looking at spray booths myself as it is always raining in Seattle. It's awesome that your game store has that set up. Those tables look awesome to play on

    1. jacobstauttener

      Never even thought of the issue of rain over in Seattle. Guess that would stop people from priming outside too. The booth is great. Another thing to look into if you can afford it is perhaps an airbrush. With the air compressor type, I don't even think you need ventalation when working with acrylics. I want one, but they are fairly pricey.

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