Forbes Hobbies is my Friendly Local Gaming Store (FLGS) of choice in the Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge area. Why? Two great reasons. They carry tons of Warlord Games products (including Bolt Action) and they also have the best and largest gaming area in the area.

Many of my Bolt Action Battle Reports take place at that store using a combination of their terrain and my own. I have never seen a store that will provide you to use so many WW2 suitable buildings on their gaming tables. There is a catch though. If you don’t paint your models, Forbes Hobbies may give you a hard time and ask you to play with the terrain from other game systems instead. That said, they still let you use their tables and if you show an effort that you are painting them, even if you just primed them, they will let you use the nice tables. :)

Again, great store with the best gaming area in town!!

Painted Captain Morgan Miniature

In this post, I showcase a Painted Captain Morgan Miniature for Blood and Plunder. The guys at Forbes Hobbies painted the two miniatures in this post for me. Specifically, Jeremy…

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Blood & Plunders’ Native Warrior Unit – Showcase

In today's post, we take a look at Blood & Plunder's Native Warrior Unit. Firelock Games sent me these miniatures as a sample for their game a while back. You…

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Frostgrave Chilopendra and Centipede Demon

While waiting for people to give Frostgrave demo games to at Ragnarok 2019, I decided to take a few showcase photographs. In today's post, I redo my Frostgrave Chilopendra and Centipede…

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Bolt Action Battle Report: Hold Until Relieved (1000 Point British vs Germans)

In this Bolt Action Battle Report, we played a 1000 point "Hold Until Relieved" battle between the British and Germans. In terms of armies, the British brought a highly mobile and…

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Bolt Action Battle Report (1200 points) – British vs German

In today's Bolt Action Battle Report, 1200 points worth of Germans take on the British in a Late War battle over a little town. Check out this table. Just stunning!…

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