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Showcase: Kristina Erickson by RAFM

Today I am showing off my miniature of Kristina Erickson of Abney Park by RAFM. For those that don’t know, Abney Park is a Steam Punk band that has been around for some time. Before sharing my mini, I want to state that I am not the best Miniature painter but I like to share my work as it helps show that anyone can paint miniatures. Now, let’s take a look at the miniature.

Abney Park Kristina Erickson Miniature
This Miniature is of Kristina Erickson of Abney Park by RAFM. Admittedly, I took some artistic licence with the miniature and changed the colour of her hair.  🙂

I received this miniature as an entrance present last year when I attended Council Fires 2016. Not bad at all for a free mini! At the time, I did not know who Kristina Erickson was – and, to be honest, I did not know who she was until I started researching the figure for this post. That means that I painted her with my own colour scheme rather than in her likeness. Regardless, this is still a cool mini.

A look at the back of the miniature. It is a nice sculpt.

From what I heard, the organizers plan to give out a free mini to attendees of Council Fires 2017. That event runs this evening and all of tomorrow (October 20 and 21, 2017) in Brantford, Ontario.

Now, back to the mini. I don’t currently play any Steam Punk games, but I had a few ideas for this miniature when I got her. My first idea was to use her in a crew for Rogue Stars. She certainly has the look of a “Sky Pirate Queen” that I figure would carry over well enough into a sci-fi world.

More recently, I figured I might as well paint her up so I can use her for World War 2 games too like Konflikt ’47, Bolt Action: Campaign: Sea Lion or Achtung! Cthulhu Skirmish. I did this by matching her hat to the colours of my British Soldiers’ Uniforms.

Female Commander in Bolt Action - British Force
Above we have the Kristina Erickson miniature with two British Commanders from Bolt Action. She is slightly taller (being a 32mm miniature) but I think she can find a place as a leader of some sort in the game. I painted her beret the same colour as the British Uniforms. Looks pretty good from an “arm’s distance away!”  🙂

I could also envision people using this miniature for games set in the Wild West or in Steam Punk worlds. This is a 32mm miniature, but below is a scale comparison with other lines.

Scale Comparison of Steam Punk mini to other lines
Left to Right… GW Space Cultist (28mm), Warlord Games Bolt Action (28mm), Kristina Erickson (32mm), Reaper Miniature (32mm).

I would say that the miniature looks mighty fine from an arms length away. She was pretty quick to paint too. Of course, a professional would do much better. Below is how she is painted up on RAFM’s site. Wow!!!

Kristina Erickson of Abney Park on RAFM’s Webstore.

As a free miniature for attending a miniature gaming convention, I am extremely happy with this figure. Be sure to head out to Council Fires today or tomorrow (October 20 and 21, 2017) if you can. I believe that they may be giving out free miniatures again this year. Also, if you are interested in more Airship Pirates miniatures, be sure to check out RAFM’s Online Store.

As for Abney Park, I went from not knowing who they are to enjoying their music in the course of writing this article. Check them out on YouTube if you want to see what they are about. Below is an embedded video of their most popular song.


Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!


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