You are currently viewing Ironclad Drake Review – Monstrous Dweghom Miniature for Conquest by Parabellum Games – A Great Deal in 2024

Ironclad Drake Review – Monstrous Dweghom Miniature for Conquest by Parabellum Games – A Great Deal in 2024

In this Ironclad Drake review, we take a look at a large miniature for the Dweghom faction of Conquest by Parabellum Games. We also look at the Raegh Drake Rider miniature that you can buy as an add-on. For those unfamiliar with the game setting, these are the Parabellum Games version of fantasy Dwarves. 

Inside the box – Conquest Dweghom Ironclad Drake Review

Dweghom Ironclad Drake Review

Now, let’s take a closer look. As you would expect, the artwork on this boxed set is incredible. The miniature itself also looks great once assembled and is well done. 

Open up the box, and there is a lot in there.

The Sprues inside the box

Let’s look closer at the contents.

The unit card

There is a unit card.

The product comes with printed directions.

Printed directions.

And 5 sprues of chunky pieces. Take a look at the sprues below.

Sprue one
Sprue 2
Sprue 3
Sprue 4
Sprue 5

Putting it together was super easy, but there were two parts that needed a little more patience than the rest of the plastic mini. Regardless, it is still a fairly easy build compared to other miniature sets I’ve assembled in the past.  

Assembling the model

Building the Ironclad Drake Miniature 

Head of the Ironclad drake Miniature for Conquest

I started with the head.

Building the model. At this point, it looks like one of the dog like creatures from the first Ghost Busters movie.

Continued to the body.

The parts are numbered for easy assembly.

As a note, the pieces are nicely labelled. Check out that part 4 on the foot and that the body also has corresponding numbers for where to place the parts. That’s awesome and a nice touch in these miniatures. It makes them easier to build.

Squeezing the model together as the glue dries.

Now, I did hold some of the pieces together while I waited for the glue to dry. But this is an easy build.

Building the throne

After the body, I constructed the throne. Today I am using Limonene Cement to paste together the model. It doesn’t smell as bad as plastic cement and works in a similar way. 

Assembling the model of this Ironclad Drake Review step by step.

I then mounted the throne onto the body and continued to work on adding parts to model as per the directions. The sails on this model look awesome, but on the rear of the throne, there are two connections for the sails that were a little more difficult to adhere to the miniature.

A difficult part of the model to assemble

Above you can see one of the three parts where I had to use more patience in gluing this kit together. Where that arrow is where two parts connect together by pasting together two thin lines. I anticipate that this would have been an easier task if I was using plastic cement instead of limonene cement.

A work in progress.

That said, this whole model kit is looking fantastic as I put it together.

The dead Dwarf (Dweghom) rider for the creature

This skeleton dwarf is the rider that comes in the box. Don’t worry, I am going to also show you the comparable Raegh Drake Rider soon too. This is the miniature you want if you want to take the creature as a monstrous mount for your Warlord.

Dweghom Raegh Drake Rider Review for Conquest by Para Bellum Games

This character comes separately in its own box, and you can use it either as its own as a Raegh or mount it on the drake. 

Assembling the resin model required me to get out my assembly handle.

I found the Raegh a little tough to build and I actually had to bring out my assembly handle to hold the pieces while the super glue dried on this model. Unlike the beast and skeleton we created, this figure is resin.

The Ironclad Drake on its own

It’s taking a while, but this miniature is coming along well and looks great! 

As a note, this kit came with three heads to choose from. There are enough heads to make all three variants. Below are the spare heads from the build.

The two spare heads from the model kit

Now, let’s look at the completed kit. 

Images of the Completed Ironclad Drake and Raegh Miniatures

Model so far. Looks awesome!
Side view
Straight on

Straight out of the box, here is how the assembled model looks without the added Raegh miniature. It’s pretty cool!

Model with just the rider that comes in the kit - Ironclad Drake Review
Model with just the rider that comes in the kit - Ironclad Drake Review

Here it is with the rider that came in the box set.

Model with the Raegh Drake Rider mounted on the model - Ironclad Drake Review

Here is the model with the Raegh Drake Rider. 

Straight on shot
Another angle

A couple more shots with the creature and rider above. They go together very well.

The Raegh mounted on his own base
The Raegh mounted on his own base
The Raegh mounted on his own base

And here is the Raegh on his own.

What an amazing shot of the Ironclade Drake for Conquest alongside the resin Raegh drake rider miniature mounted on his own base. Ironclad Drake Review - Miniature by Parabellum Games for the Conquest miniatures game.

Overall, the quality of these Parabellum Games Miniatures is really good.

Scale Comparison

Scale comparison Tontorr to the Ironclad Drake

Here the model is versus the Tontorr I reviewed and built earlier. Awesome Miniature that one is!

Side shot of the two Conquest miniatures.

That Tontorr miniature is so cool, I added a side profile scale comparison too!

Conquest Dweghom miniatures compared to the size of an Age of Sigmar miniature.

And here I compare the model to an early Age of Sigmar Miniature. I may have to change my fantasy setting scale comparison mini. Let me know what you think on that in the comments section below this article.  

Get The Ironclad Drake Model at a Great Value Price – Amazing Buy!!!

As a note, I am using American Dollars for this post. For our friends on the other side of the Ocean, Parabellum uses the same prices but in Euros for your area.

Find your way to big Savings!!!

The Dweghom Irondrake miniature will set you back $129.99 at the time of publishing, and the Rider costs $24.99. That’s a total of $154.98 for these two minis.  

Box art of the Dweghom One Player Starter Set by Parabellum Games

To save money, look at the 5th Anniversary Dweghom single player army starter set currently priced at $159.99. That is a fantastic deal!!! 

It comes with the two miniatures reviewed here as well as 36 more miniatures!!! 

You actually get a lot more than that too. Here is a list of all the contents from their webstore. Use coupon code MCM to save even more when you make a purchase.  

Box art of the Dweghom One Player Starter Set Contents

5th Anniversary Dweghom Single Player Army Box Set Contents

●    1 Raegh Drake Rider
●    1 Ironclad Drake
●    24 Initiates/Wardens
●    12 Fireforged 
●    36 Infantry Bases and Stands
●    1 Monster Base and Stand
●    7 Command Cards
●    Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings Quick Start Guide
●    Conquest: First Blood Quick Start Guide
●    Dweghom Path of Conquest Brochure
●    Assembly Instructions
●    5th Anniversary Measuring Tool
●    Foldable paper Map of EA
●    5th Anniversary Logo Decal

Looking at just the value of the miniatures in there, that is…

  • Raegh Drake Rider $24.99
  • Ironclad Drake $129.99
  • Initiates / Wardens $39.99 times 2 = $79.98
  • Fireforged $39.99

Back to the math – the total value of plastic in this box is $274.95 for just the miniatures alone. We aren’t even looking at the value of the extra materials in this box. Again, the box is currently going for $159.99 and you can save 10% more off by using coupon code MCM on the ParaBellum Webstore.

That’s a savings of $114.96 (or Euros) on just the miniatures alone! That’s huge! 

If you look around their site, you will find even more deals!!! There is a lot of value in all of their current starter army boxes and larger army deals too.

Another shot of one of the heads from this miniatures set.

Wrapping it up… 

Today’s post was a review of an incredible miniature for Conquest along with a tip on you can get this miniature at a great deal if you buy the new single player army set for Dweghom. Again, use coupon code MCM to save even more money. If you enjoyed this review, be sure to check out the longer article on my personal site and check out my YouTube content too. I also have more Conquest articles.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

Just so you know MCM may collect a share of sales from the code on this page if you decide to use it.