You are currently viewing Absolutely Massive – The Tontorr!!! Parabellum Games Brings Out Their Largest Miniature Yet!

Absolutely Massive – The Tontorr!!! Parabellum Games Brings Out Their Largest Miniature Yet!

Parabellum Games releases their largest miniature to date with their Tontorr miniature for the W’Adrhun faction of Conquest. This absolutely huge dinosaur with Orc riders model towers in at over 9″ tall! Take a look at this thing versus an AoS miniature! Wow!

Tontorr Scale Comparison Conquest Last Argument of Kings

You may remember the image above is from my post last week about awesome Conquest sales on now over on Parabellum Games webstore right now. Today’s post is an indepth review of the Tontorr.

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Let’s get right into it!

The Packaging

Conquest W'Adrhun Tontorr - Box Art on Front

First up, this box comes in a nice big box.

Back of the box

The art work on the front is nice, the back is what you would expect with a description of the creature and the side of the box even has a fun picture of the dinosaur. He actually looks pretty relaxed in there.

Conquest W'Adrhun Tontorr - Side Box Art

This box isn’t light either. It is full of sprues. Look at all of them in there!

The contents of the box

The Sprues of the Tontorr for Conquest

This miniature comes with a lot of sprues. Compared to the City States’ Giant, a lot comes in this box set. Many of the pieces are large, which makes the model easier to build. Let me show you each of the sprues.

There is a lot here so scroll past them if you are less interested in the sprues and more interested in the review of the Tontorr.

Tontorr Sprue Image 1
Tontorr Sprue Image 2
Tontorr Sprue Image 3
Tontorr Sprue Image 4
Tontorr Sprue Image 5
Tontorr Sprue Image 6
Tontorr Sprue Image 7
Tontorr Sprue Image 8

There is a lot here, so let’s talk about building the actual miniature.

Building the Tontorr Model

The Tontorr comes with written instructions and those instructions are very easy to follow. I found myself referring to them through out the process.

Tontorr Assembly Instructions

I assembled the legs first and then the body.

I built the legs first
Then the neck and body

Between steps, I gave the Limonene Cement time to cure. It acts like plastic cement, perhaps works a little slower, but I find it doesn’t smell nearly as bad.

I glued them all together

The body is hollow, but it goes together very easily.

And ended up with this dinosaur miniature with a rider platform on its back.

At this point, I had the dinosaur and platform done. Next up was the miniatures and building out the canopy.

For this one, I have the Chieftain Upgrade for the Tontorr and there are a number of riders that come with this kit too. All the plastic riders were clean and crisp. The one resin miniature that came in the Tontorr box needed a lot of clean up to get ride of all the flashing.

Unassembled Resin Tontorr Chieftain miniature

The Resin Chieftain was fairly clean.

The rider miniatures for the Tontorr

I assembled the resin miniatures with crazy glue. The rest of them I used Limonene Cement.

The dinosaur with riders

The rider miniatures are not yet glued to the figure. I left them unattached to make the model easier to paint later. That said, they still stand on the model without glue. That’s a good thing.

Close up of the driver

I also left the top canopy pieces unglued to make later painting easier.

Let’s look at the completed model.

The Finished Model

Once I got everything put together, here is the final product – minus the top canopy that you will see in later pictures. Again, I didn’t glue the figures to the miniature. That way I can pull the miniatures off and paint them individually if, and when, I get around to painting this model.

The completed model

In addition to the giant miniature, this one has the addition of the Chieftain Tontorr Rider. This miniature looks awesome on this model. Look at that!

Close up of the Chieftain jumping off the back of a moving Tontorr.

To attack the enemies on the ground, we have this rider with a spear. She holds onto a rope to get closer to her enemies.

The female orc spear woman of the W'Adrhun

As you look around the miniature, you can see a lot of details on it!

A flying dinosaur perches on this beast's neck.
Sone close up details
The back of the model

Here I placed the canopy where it belongs so you can get an idea of how it will look, but it is not yet glued down.

Canopy with the driver removed so you can see inside the cab.

Scale Comparison

Here the Tontorr is beside that Giant I talked about at the top of the review.

Scale comparison

For those of you who are more familiar with Age of Sigmar, here the two models are beside a Stormcast Eternal. These figures are huge!!!

Scale comparison, Tontorr vs Conquest Giant vs Age of Sigmar Stormcast Eternal.

Wrapping it up…

If you are looking for an awesome, and large miniature, then this Tontorr might be for you. If you like the W’Adrhun faction of Conquest, then this ginormous miniature could make a perfect center piece for your army. You can even mount a Chieftain on this dinosaur!

Dinosaur + Riders = Awesome!

The completed model

Again, this miniature is by Parabellum Games for Conquest. If you want to get your hands on this miniature, try using the coupon code MCM to save some money off of your first purchase from their estore.

Tontorr Chieftain Rider

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

Until next time, Happy Gaming, Everyone!!!

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