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Fireteam Zero – Village Recon Battle Report

Recently, I took Fireteam Zero to a board game night at a local community center. There, I got a group of four players (counting myself) to run through the second act of the Typhon’s Children Campaign.

Demoing Fireteam Zero at a local Board Game Night
Fireteam Zero set up for some fun at a local board game night.

In this Act (entitled Village Recon), our heroes made it across the river (from Act One) and are now searching for an artifact in a village. Again, I played as Rat, the close-combat specialist.

This time, when we rolled for random deployment of the monsters, we ended with most of them being extremely close to our starting spot.


Fireteam Zero AAR
You can see our heroes in the space on the top left. Check out all those monsters starting so close to us. Oh-oh!!!

On his first turn, Rat entered the square of the closest corrupted human and took him out!

Fireteam Zero AAR
Rat and Henry enter into the corrupted human’s space and take him out quickly. Henry allows the character that he is with to re-roll one attack die.

So far, so good. All of the other characters then followed Rat into his square except for Sonny. Sonny instead moves to his own spot and gets taken out by a different corrupted human.


Sonny (the demolition specialist and medic) ventured off on his own and got taken out early by two corrupted humans.

Right away, this game was looking forbiddingly hard yet again. Now that the coin is flipped (due to Sonny taking a fall), the full team loses the game if one more person goes down. Sonny decides to stand up on his next turn. With all the monsters coming for us, we had to move fast!

With the coin flipped and all those monsters coming for us, we were in a world of trouble.


Sonny immediately tried to take out the corrupt human and failed, so Moxy (the leader) took the creature out with Henry’s help.


Fireteam Zero Review / Play Through
The group then joined together. The monsters moved and we noticed that they were all in the same areas and realized we had an opportunity to do some monster herding to get the monsters to move how we wanted them too.

Rat stepped away from the group to lead the monsters while the other characters consolidated on the same square.


This was how the board looked after the monsters completed their moves and attacks.

Using this technique, we were able to save a turn or two of combat by skirting around the building down below.

The group collected at the base of the building and prepared to storm the structure.


The monsters continued to pursue us.


One player went and checked the spawning point while the others secured the door. I believe some cards were played to prevent movement of enemies.

On the next turn, a player pulled out a bombshell for all of the monsters. He threw down the Tactical Response card killing a ton of monsters!!!

This card affects all monsters on spawn points in the same tile.


Killing Monsters in Fireteam Zero Battle Report
That card took out two minions and four elites!!! What a powerful card!!!

When the monsters respawned, they were fairly spread out. For the rest of the game we were just maneuvering and clearing out spaces, while checking different spawn points. The pressure on our team was further reduced as we flipped the coin back over after finding one of the side objectives.

With the pressure reduced, the players could breath lightly for a few turns.


They steadily advanced across the map checking spawn points.


For safety, the players rejoined into two groups again. After this picture, we checked two more spawn points, found the objective and left the map at the evacuation zone.

Instead of an artifact, we found a journal that told us to where the artifact was moved. Victory for the players!!!

Overall, we had a good time playing this game. The players were able to have a little fun at my expense as I forgot the rule book at home. That said, the game is simple enough that I was able to remember the rules off the top of my head. The only two mistakes that we made were…

  1. We didn’t apply explosive damage to all enemies and friends in a zone. Instead, we only applied the damage to one monster and wondered all along if we got the rule wrong. We did.
  2. I did not remember the proper rule for heights. This one wouldn’t have made too much of a difference as we didn’t really make use of the elevated zones.
Aside from those two rules, we played everything correctly. Unlike the first time, we stuck together as a group, and in the end, achieved victory.
Special thanks goes out to Emergent Games for sending Must Contain Minis a review copy of Fireteam Zero. The verdict is that it is a good dungeon crawler game with a theme that I enjoy.

If you are interested in Fireteam Zero, they are currently running a Kickstarter for a second printing of the game. Be sure to check out the link below for more information on that campaign.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

Disclosure: Emergent Games sent Must Contain Minis a Review Copy of Fireteam Zero and two of the expansions. 

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