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Black Friday Purchases & Thanksgiving

In this post, I quickly share what I who I bought from for Black Friday sales and figured I would share some pictures of a painted Conquest chicken in honor of Thanksgiving.

I am going to start with the sales and then move into the chicken at the end of the post.

The Black Friday Sales in which I partook – 2023

For 2023, I took advantage of the sales at Parabellum Games to build up a W’adrhun army. For those who don’t know, the W’adrhun are the Orc faction in Conquest. I bought the Super Charged Holiday Deal for the faction as well as the First Blood starter set for them at just $49.99. To make the army even more interesting, I purchased the Apex Predator along with a Chieftain rider.

There are some great sales on Parabellum right now. Save even more with coupon code MCM.

Black Friday Sale at MyMiniFactory

After buying a sizable upgrade for my W’adrhun army, I headed over to MyMiniFactory and took advantage of their up to 50% off deal with STL files. There, I bought some proxy Tyranid type miniatures, a tank for my OnePageRules Human Defense Force (aka Imperial Guard Army). You can catch a glimpse of that army in the video below.

To complete the shopping spree, I bought some resin from Amazon. This is the stuff right here…

The Painted Conquest Angry Chicken

One of my two Conquest Chickens from Parabellum Games came back this week from my friend Randall. He painted the model up pretty nicely. Here are some quick photos.

Conquest Chicken
Painted by Randall
A nice model by Parabellum Games
Painted Conquest Angry Chicken

So many skills! I almost think Parabellum is trying to take on GW directly for the number of skulls one can incorporate into a model.

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Wrapping it up…

Today’s post was to let you know what I bought during this year’s Black Friday sales and to show off the Conquest chicken that a friend of my painted up.

Thank you for checking this post out.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!