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Santa and Grinch Face Off in This Holiday Narrative Pack for Conquest

Para Bellum Games brings the Grinch and Santa Claus to life with two new resin miniatures in the Jolly and Mean Narrative Scenario Set.

These two miniatures hold the appearance of the Grinch and Santa, but their names are really Seu-Grin and Nick Claus. Like the Angry Chicken set, these two models are part of a narrative pack where you use the miniatures to play out a scenario with your armies.

Seu-Grin and Nick Claus Conquest Cards

The artwork on these cards is pretty good. I am going to send these models off to a couple of my friends to see what they look like after they paint them. A little while ago, one of those same friends painted up one of the models from the Angry Chickens Narrative Pack. Check out the painted chicken here.

Inside the Box

Within the narrative pack are information sheets for the special scenario the miniatures are intended for and the figures that also come in the box.

If you want to take a look at these scenarios, check out the Parabellum Games Rules & FAQ section of the site. You can get information on this scenario under the tab “Campaigns, Army Expansions, and More.” The printouts that came in the kit are also there. If you find the file, you get the First Blood scenario, and you will also find the stats for the models there.

Printed Materials in Parabellum Games 2024 Christmas Miniature Set.

Santa & The Grinch Minis

Now, let’s look at the miniatures!

I bought these models just because I think the figures look cool. I don’t have armies of either the Spires or Hundred Kingdoms, but that doesn’t stop me from picking up something when it looks cool to add to my collection.

This is the Nick Claus miniature. In the scenario, you use him as part of the Hundred Kingdoms army. There was some cleanup and assembly to do, but below is how he looked once the build was complete. If I remember right, he comes in three parts.

Santa as a Miniature - Hundred Kingdoms
Hundred Kingdoms Santa Miniature for Conquest - Jolly and Mean Narrative Set
Back of the model - Nick Claus

This is Seu-Grin, and this model works with the Spires. This model had less assembly than Nick Claus. Just two parts – arms to glue to a torso.

Seu-Grin Miniature by Para Bellum Games
Back of the model
Acts as a Biomancer with the Spires in Conquest the Miniatures game

This model really captures a lot of character in the face. Here is a closeup…

Close up of the model. Looks just like the Grinch from the movie. Great job on this one.

Wrapping It Up…

Today’s post was to show you something cool that I bought from Parabellum Games this year. If you are interested in this model, be sure to check out their estore or your favorite retailer. Use the coupon code MCM to save 10% off your first purchase.

Para Bellum has a Super Charged Holiday Bundles sale going on right now.

The First Blood starter sets are an amazing deal right now. They generally come with two character miniatures, a larger model (like a knight), and 12 regular-sized infantry models for just $49.99. If you bought the characters individually, you would generally be spending $49.98 for those two figures alone, so these sets are amazing deals!

I bought just the W’adrhun First Blood set, but the Old Dominion, Dweghom, and Hundred Kingdoms all remain on my Wishlist. Maybe I will get them in the future. Their price doesn’t break the bank.

Thanks for checking out these models with me.

Until next time, Happy Gaming, Everyone!!!