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Returning to 40K – Space Marines After Nearly 2 Decades Away

Leviathan has convinced me to jump back into Warhammer 40k for the first time in over a decade with Space Marines.

Normally I like covering games and miniatures companies other than those Games Workshop. Given the hype of 40K and the fact that Games Workshop re-sculpted the Dreadnought and Terminator miniatures of old into the Primaris scale, I found myself coming back to the game in a big way.

A Space Marine Terminator Librarian

Personally, I am really hoping that 10th Edition is the edition that all of our old favourite miniatures from the days of old get rescaled and given the Primaris treatment. I am talking about Scouts, Jetpack Assault Marines, and even Tactical Marines. Time will tell, but I am so excited.

My Collection So Far…

I really enjoyed the reveals of the Tyrranids and have been buying into the Space Marines with a few box sets. My goal is to build up a force of Marines as my official Warhammer army. My secondary force will be Tyranids and for games at home, I have an army of Proxy Guards drawn upon from other games in my collection.

Today, I discuss my Space Marine Army. My main force is going to be Space Marines with Tyranids as my secondary army plus a bunch of Proxy Guard minis from other systems for games at home. Check out the video below to see my collection to date!

My First Purchases

My first planned purchases for this army was the Leviathan box set, the Aggressors and the Repulsor Executioner hover tank.

My Repulsor Executioner WIP

The Aggressors I bought to pair up with the Apothecary Biologis. I feel there is a natural synergy with the 18″ range of building these with the mini bolters and grenade launchers and the Biologis’ pistol range. On top of that, the Apothecary Biologis enhances the shooting power of all those miniatures he leads.

Space Marine Aggressors. I like these guys

The Executioner was my next planned purchase. I bought it because I just love the idea of a giant tank with a heavy gun that can also carry troops. I haven’t decided if it will transport the miniatures that I already own and painted from the previous edition’s Recruit Edition Starter Set, or the new Veteran miniatures from the Leviathan boxed set. A look at my painted figures from the 9th Edition Recruit Edition Starter Set.

Which do you think would be better to transport in Repulsor Executioner I bought? Let me know in the comments section below.

Adding to the Space Marine Collection

Already in my collection, I had a painted Recruit Edition starter set from 9th edition and the phased out Start Collecting Vanguard Space Marines box set. That Start collecting set I owned for a number of years, and I just built it recently in anticipation of pairing it with the minis in my Leviathan launch box.

The minis I built while waiting for Levithan to arrive

To add more power to the group, I bought the Strike Force Agustus box. From the box, I wanted the Heavy Intercessors and the Brutalis Dreadnought. The Brutalis Dreadnought looks good, but I found it a difficult build. Specifically the arms. To help others, I made the video below.

It outlines my experience and challenges of building the Brutalis Dreadnought. Give it a watch if you plan to buy a your own in the future. It is a good model, but some extra knowledge found in the video might save you some headaches.

Next Purchases

The last time I bought deep into 40K Fourth Edition was out. Back then, I collected Space Marines, Tyranids, and Imperial Guards. For 10th Edition, I jumped right back in with the exact same three armies. I think the fact that Games Workshop returned to a Tyranid vs Space Marine Starter box is what helped draw me back in. Below is a list of items that I would like to eventually add to my 40K Space Marine collection and my reasoning. For the most part, the reasoning is mostly simple – Rule of Cool. If I like it, it is on the list!

Phobos armour Librarian. Picture by GW.
  • 10th Edition Starter Sets (any of them) – More Tyranids and Space Marines. I am down for that!
  • Primaris Libraraian in Phobos Armour – I’ve wanted it since I first saw the model, just never bought it yet.
  • Re-Sculpted Regular and Assault Terminators. They haven’t been officially announced yet, but I anticipate new models will be coming to match the scale of the figures in the Leviathan launch box.
  • Primaris Redemptor Dreadnought. This is my favourite looking dreadnought. I want one or two for my collection some day.
  • Primaris Eradicators – Heavy, slow marines with terrifying short range guns – yes please!
  • Primaris Incursors – I like the idea of having a group of spotters for my other Marines.
  • Primaris Aggressors – Built as the flamer option. I prefer the look of the flamer models but built my first box the other way for weapons synergy of those weapons with the Apothecary Biologis.
  • 2 Primaris Repulsors – I just like the idea of giving my Space Marines well armed rides. I wouldn’t mind a couple of these models.
  • More Heavy Intercessors – I like them.
  • All the New Space Marines – Okay, they haven’t been announced yet, but I am really excited to see what is in store for the Space Marine line of figures for 10th edition!

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for joining me in this quick post about Warhammer 40K. As I mentioned before, I usually have my eye on games outside of 40K, but Games Workshop has really caught my attention with 10th edition.

In 9th, I bought a taste of the game. In 10th, I am all in! Feels good to join back in right where I left off in fourth edition. Tyranids vs. Space Marines.

For those of you who prefer non-40K related material, don’t worry. More of that is coming as well.

Until next time, Happy Gaming, Everyone!!!

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