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Monster Scenery Game Mat Review

This article is a Monster Scenery Game Mat Review. Monster Fight Club sent me this mat in a shipment of products for review. They sent me their 3′ by 3′ Game Mat – Broken Grassland / Desert Scrubland specifically. I requested the 3′ by 3′ mat to fit some of my smaller skirmish games.

So, what do I think of the product? Let’s get into it…

Disclaimer: Monster Fight Club sent Must Contain Minis this package of products for review purposes. While I accept review products, I am in no other way compensated for the posts on Must Contain Minis and reserve the right to give positive and negative reviews.

Opening the Game Mat

The first thing that I noticed about this mat is how well it is presented and how appealing it looks even in the box. Monster Fight Club really took some care in the products presentation. I then noticed the thinness of the mat. At just 2mm thick, it is thinner than the other neoprene mats I have seen. That said, I mostly worked with fabric game mats so far, so my scope of comparison is relatively small.

Monster Scenery Game Mat Review
A look at the mat in its retail packaging.

I immediately pulled the mat out of the box and laid it on the table. Having been stored folded in a box, the mat came out with some folds in the neoprene.

The gaming mat right out of the box
The mat looks fantastic, but there are a couple of fold lines right out of the box.

Seeing this, I decided to do some research before reviewing the product.

How Do I Get Folds Out of a Neoprene Mat?

In my research, I came across a number of ways to get folds out of a Neoprene Gaming Mat. They include the following…

  • Wait… The wrinkles will come out over time
  • Press the mat with books and boxes
  • Better yet, toss a sheet of wood on the mat, and then weigh that down with books or other heavy objects
  • Hang the mat on a line and let gravity help take out the folds
  • Iron the mat

Wait a moment… Iron the mat!? This is neoprene. You most certainly must be joking. I have no clue how this will turn out. So I decided to give it a try, but did more research first. This time, specifically how to iron neoprene. I found this “How To” YouTuber with some advice on how to get wrinkles out of neoprene.

Sara Mora discusses how to iron Neoprene.

So, I ironed the mat. I was so scared of wrecking the mat, but it turned out quite well.

How to iron a neoprene gaming mat
I wrapped my iron in a towel so it would not be too hot for the mat.
Ironing out wrinkles, creases and folds from a neoprene gaming mat
Then, I used the iron to iron out the folds / creases in the gaming mat. It worked!
Monster Scenery Game Mat Review -  Grasslands side
After ironing the mat, this is how it looked. So much better.

Presumably the mat will get even better as it lays flat. Regardless, I do not intend to put it back in the box it shipped with. The mat itself is wrinkle resistant, so hopefully this will be the last time I iron it. If not, at least I know how to iron my neoprene gaming mats now!

A Closer Look at the Broken Grassland / Desert Scrubland Mat

Let’s take a closer look at the mat. This mat comes two sided with one side as a Broken Grassland and the other as a Desert Scrubland. Specific terrain features are not printed on the mat, so this is a starting point for you to add your other terrain on top.

Monster Scenery Game Mat Review - Desert Scrubland
A look at the Desert Scrubland side of the mat. I showed the Broken Grasslands in the image above.
Monster Scenery Game Mat Review - Close up look at details - desert side
The details on this mat are really pretty, even close up.
Monster Scenery Game Mat Review - Close up look at details - grassy side
The Broken Grassland is equally as appealing.

I then started building the mat up with some terrain to make an attractive gaming table.

A neoprene pond
The Neoprene gaming mat with a pond (review to come for the pond).
Monster Scenery Game Mat Review
A high level shot of the gaming mat with a Verdant Forest. I review that forest in a different article. My goal with this photo is to show you the textures on the gaming mat.
Review of a neoprene gaming mat
A close up picture of one of my Frostgrave miniatures on the gaming mat. Game mats make the models pop out so much more than just a regular tabletop or tablecloth. What do you think?

My YouTube Review

Update – October 12, 2020: I just started a YouTube Channel. My third post there is a review of this gaming mat plus their Verdant Forest.

My third YouTube video ever. This time a review of the Monster Scenery: Verdant Forest and Gaming Mat by Monster Fight Club. Wargame terrain for your tabletop.

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for joining me in my Monster Scenery Game Mat Review. Personally I feel that the gaming mat is a great place to start building up your scenery. This mat gives you two different different canvases from where to begin.

The neoprene is thinner than other neoprene products that I have worked with in the past. That said, it still feels of good quality and it looks really attractive on the tabletop. I plan to use this mat as a backdrop while I review the other terrain that Monster Fight Club sent to the website.

Below is a quick video from Monster Fight Club about the past Kickstarter Campaign that brought this mat into existance.

The Video from the first Monster Scenery Kickstarter where the company funded this mat. This mat, and most of the products in the video above, are now available through retail stores and on the Monster Fight Club Webstore.

I will end by saying that Monster Fight Club is at it again with a new Monster Scenery Kickstarter. This time, they create a winter based world with some new products. Head on over and check out their Ice Wilds collection before the campaign ends.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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  1. Thomas Ferris

    I recently picked up the 3×3 mat with no grid lines. I was very impressed with it. The image work on either side was almost exactly what I was looking for in grassland and desert scrub. I didn’t find the folds bothersome. I let it lay flat for a few days and then rolled it to store with my other mats and now the folds are barely visible.

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      That is awesome to hear. Thanks for the comment Thomas. I am very happy that the mat is exactly what you were after.

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