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Monster Scenery: Bushes Review – Game Terrain

In this post, we review Monster Scenery Bushes by Monster Fight Club. For those that have not seen terrain by Monster Fight Club, it comes pre-painted and ready to go out of the box. I added no paint, sprays or washes to this terrain. This post shows how the bushes appear straight out of the package.

Disclaimer: Monster Fight Club sent me this box of terrain for review. While I accept review products, I am in no other way compensated for my posts and reserve the right to give positive and negative reviews.

Let’s take a closer look.

Check out my video review of the bushes on YouTube. For a written review and affiliate link to buy the bushes, please continue down below.

Well Presented from Box to Tabletop

I noticed that Monster Fight Club carefully wraps their products in very appealing packages. The boxes look great and the they wrap the terrain pieces in extra plastic for protection.

Monster Scenery Bushes Review
A very appealing box.
Monster Scenery Bushes Review - Wargame terrain
Reading the back of the box you can see that the set comes with 6 bushes of various sizes.
Well packaged wargame terrain
Opening the box you can see that all of the bushes are wrapped in plastic and packaged with care.

Getting it on the Tabletop

Once I took the bushes out of the box, I placed it on a Monster Scenery gaming mat to see how they would look.

RPG terrain - bushes
The bushes look pretty good on Monster Fight Club’s very own gaming mat.
Hide things under this wargame and RPG terrain and reveal what is there as you play.
I noticed right away that this terrain is hollow.
Hiding miniatures underneath terrain for RPGs and miniature wargaming - terrain review
Hide things under this wargame and RPG terrain and reveal what is there as you play.

So far the terrain looks good, but let’s see how it scales with miniatures.

Scale Comparison of Monster Scenery: Bushes

According to Monster Fight Club, they scaled this scenery to work with miniature gaming scales between 28mm and 40mm. Below I took images of the terrain with Frostgrave, Age of Sigmar and Bolt Action miniatures.

Monster Scenery: Bushes Review - Bolt Action Miniatures
Monster Scenery: Bushes with Bolt Action figures. They fit together perfectly.
Age of Sigmar Miniature there for scale purposes in this Monster Scenery: Bushes - Review
The terrain pieces with an Age of Sigmar miniature. Shown for scale comparison purposes only.
Monster Scenery: Bushes Review - Frostgrave Miniatures
I really like this photo even though my colour balance was a bit off. I used Frostgrave miniatures by North Star Military Figures for this picture.
Forstgrave miniatures with pre-painted bushes - terrain review
A further back shot of the Frostgrave miniatures. This time showing their proper colours.
Monster Scenery: Bushes Review - 32mm Reaper Miniatures figure shown for scale comparison for RPG players
In this shot, I show a 32mm Reaper Miniature with the terrain. Back when I used to play RPG games, I used a lot of Reaper Miniatures. Even today, when I am into miniature agnostic wargames, I use a lot of Reaper Miniatures. They are good figures.

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for joining me in this Monster Scenery: Bushes Review. As you can see, the terrain pieces come pre-painted and are ready to go right out of the box. My goal in this review was to show you how they were packaged, how they look right out of the box and how they scale with miniatures.

Overall, a very attractive product.

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Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!