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Civilians by RAFM and Reaper: a mini-Showcase and Review

As many of my readers know, I am a big fan of RAFM. Today’s post is a mini review and showcase of some of their civilian models. That’s right, RAFM makes civilian models in both their Call of Cthulhu and USX: Modern Day Heroes lines. Mixed in with this group is also a miniature by Reaper Miniatures. They too make Civilians in their Chronoscope line.

Why not add some civilians to your game?
Each of the figures with a white base are from RAFM and sell for $5.95 Canadian. The one with the brown base is from Reaper Miniatures and sells for $5.99 American. I am very happy with all of the sculpts above and these figures make it yearly into my wife’s Christmas Village.  🙂
When they are not in my wife’s Christmas Village, I like to use them for various games. I am planning to use them with the game of A Fistful of Kung Fu that I will run at Broadsword 2 on August 20 in Hamilton, Ontario. How to use them, I have not yet figured out. I am thinking that they will either be on the same force as the Rookie Cops in my previous post, or act as complications. Please let me know your thoughts on how I should use them for my game at Broadsword 2.
Now let’s take a closer look at the miniatures.
Of this group, this guy is my favourite. He just looks great. He is not armed, but who knows what is in that bag.
If you like this figure, look up RAFM’s Mr. Korson.
This guy is my second favourite of the group. He looks familiar from somewhere. Can’t exactly place from where – or can I? Regardless, he is awesome.
This guy is done with how bad the streets around him have become. Is that a duffel bag full of guns?
If you like this mini, look up Harold Smith by RAFM.
This guy’s pose is also fairly familiar from somewhere. 🙂
This figure is the only Reaper Minaitures figure in the group. He is from their Chronoscope line and named Denver, Zombie Survivor. I did not do too well on his face, but other than that, he turned out pretty good.
To be honest, his face is good enough from a distance. 🙂
The hair details and shading on the suitcase came out good.
Is that a reporter or the Joker? The jury is out.
If you like this mini, look up Paige Fox by RAFM.

In Closing…

Having civilians in a game adds a dimension that is often missed in gaming. They are great for Skirmish games, Zombie Games, RPGs and anything to which you want to add some flavour. Scale wise, the minis by Reaper and RAFM fit in together well and I am fine with $6 Canadian per individually packaged model. The Reaper one is getting to be a little expensive because $6US is now Roughly $8 Canadian due to the exchange rates. That is expensive to me, but it is a great figure and since they are individually packaged, I can pick and choose which ones I want. Overall, these civilians are a good buy.
As an interesting side note, I once owned many more RAFM and Reaper civilians, but these are all that remain. Years ago, I spent some time painting these figures with my Niece and Nephew and gave the ones they painted to them to keep. It was an enjoyable way to share the hobby and they loved keeping the figures.

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