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Scale of the Behemoth – Amazing!!!

Yesterday, I visited my friend Jey Legarie at his house to see the Master Moulds and Master Paints of his upcoming miniatures. What an honour. I have been following the progress of Jey’s Kickstarters for a while now, but the pictures on that site really do no justice to to the size of this model.Wow! For a size comparison on Kickstarter, the Behemoth is paired with a Colossal red Dragron by Wizards of the Coast. That is a neat model but totally out of my frame of reference for a size comparison, so when Jey gave me an invite, I brought over some of my Frostgrave Models for reference. These guys are Huge!!!

Look at the size of these creatures!!! The Apprentice and Wizard Square off with their Behemoth mounts. Who will win this epic challenge for power in Frostgrave?

When I saw the Behemoth in real life, I was blow away by the size and beauty of these two Master paint models on Jey’s Kitchen table. To get a sense of scale, I set out my Giant that I use for Frostgrave (by Reaper Minis) and put it beside the Behemoth. The Behemoth Dwarfs that Giant. Check it out!

The Behemoth versus a Reaper Giant. The Behemoth is Ginormous.
I then compared it to the official Necromancer and Apprentice for Frostgrave by North Star Military Figures. They look so tiny beside this creature.
The Behemoth would make a great boss creature for Frostgrave. Check out my Wizard, Apprentice, Captain and even a Giant facing off against this Monster! My bets are on the Monster winning this epic fight!
This is an official Pathfinder Miniature by Reaper Miniatures. She is no bigger than the Behemoth’s foot!
I then decided to check out how the Behemoth fits against a 32mm RAFM USX Modern Day Heroes miniature. That mini is also tiny in comparison.
A cultist Sorceress summons a Behemoth.

Now, these behemoths are built with a space to place a rider on its head. It is a neat little feature that I like. Check these pictures out.

The Sorceress is mounted on a square base that is bigger than the standard 25mm bases that one’s old Warhammer stuff might be mounted with. I believe her base is 30 or 32mm, but I am not entirely sure. I had to do a little bit of balancing on the model to get her with the facing that I wanted, but she looks great up on top that mount..
The Apprentice is mounted on a 25mm round base and fits perfectly.

After showing me the Behemoth, Jey showcased some of his other master sculpt miniatures to me. The first mini is a potential stretch goal, the “Clawed Deviant.” It is fairly large so I put my Frostgrave Wizard by it for a size comparison. This guy looks great for use as a monster in a D&D game.

The Clawed Deviant
This rat-man was my favourite of the extra minis. I don’t remember his name, but he is ultra cool. His tail (not pictured) is super long. Perhaps even longer than the mini itself.
This human mini looks pretty cool.
An Orc Shaman.
This is an imp. He is very small.

It was really interesting spending some time with Jey yesterday to talk about his Kickstarter. I would like to thank Jey for the opportunity to chat and learn more about the industry while taking some pictures of great minis. I really can see the Behemoth fitting well into any tabletop RPG game, but my angle and background make me want to use it in a wargame. I imagine the Behemoth being used as a massive beast in Frostgrave, a rampaging Dinosaur in A Fistful of Kung Fu or some sort of proxy monster of a colossal sized beast in any popular fantasy miniatures game. On my way out, Jey gave me a copy of his Card Game, Dungeon Crawler.

I hope that my readers enjoyed this article. The Behemoth is a very cool model and if you are interested, get in on it quick. The Kickstarter is currently fully funded and doing its final push before ending on Moday, August 1 at 9pm EDT.

Another example of how nicely a 25mm round base fits on top of the Behemoth’s head.
How epic would a tabletop battle between two Behemoths and their riders be?! I think that concept would be so cool to bring to a wargame.

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