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Monster Scenery: Village Well Review

In this post, we give a review of Monster Fight Club’s Village Well terrain set. This two piece pre-painted resin model comes in at about $15 American and is ready to go right out of the package.

Monster Fight Club Village Well Review and Showcase - 19910KS
The Village Well comes without retail packaging because it was a Kickstarter exclusive, but you can still pick them up on the Monster Fight Club Website.

Disclaimer: Monster Fight Club sent me this terrain piece for review. While I accept review products, I am in no other way compensated for my posts and reserve the right to give positive and negative reviews.

In this article, I provide both a written and video review of the product. I will start with the video.

Video Review

Here is my video review and showcase of the Monster Scenery Well.

My Video Review of Monster Fight Club’s Well.

Written Review

Straight out of the pack, this product is ready to go. No painting or building required. There is not too much too say about this terrain piece. It looks great, requires no work, and I will allow you to come to your own conclusion about the value of the product for its price.

To review this model, I think you just need a good idea of what you are getting. In this terrain review, I do exactly that. Below are a number of images of the Village Well along with some scale comparison images too.

A Monster Fight Club Well
The Well straight out of the package. Love the texture and appearance of this model.
An optical illusion to make the terrain piece look like it has a deeper pit than it really does - miniature gaming terrain
Looking down the well, you can see that Monster Fight Club employed a cool technique to create an optical illusion where the well looks deeper than it really is.
Monster Fight Club Village Well
A straight on look at the Village Well. Straight out of its shipping pack, I was impressed.

Now, let’s pair this well with some miniatures for scale comparison.

Scale Comparison Images

Now, check this out. First up, I paired the well with a 28mm Frostgrave miniature.

A Well with a 28mm Miniature - Scatter terrain review for miniature wargaming
The well looks great and suitably sized for 28mm gaming.

Oh, I haven’t mentioned yet, the village well model comes with a roof too. For the rest of the pictures, I included that roof.

A Monster Scenery Village Well Terrain Piece with a 28mm Frostgrave Minaiture
Yep, that’s my title image, but fully sized. This well appears so pleasant on the tabletop.
A well for miniature and RPG gaming
A look at the other side to show you how the roof looks.
The roof of the well - 28mm terrain
And a higher look at the roof. Overall, pretty nice.

And for people more into Games Workshop Games, like Age of Sigmar, I have a scale comparison picture for you too.

Monster Fight Club's Village Well along side an Age of Sigmar Miniature
An Age of Sigmar Miniature standing beside the village well by Monster Fight Club.

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for joining me in this terrain review of scenery by Monster Fight Club. If you like this post, be sure to check out the terrain and Monster Fight Club Sections of Must Contain Minis. Also, please like and subscribe to my YouTube Channel if you haven’t already.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!