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RAFM Cthulhu Miniatures Serpent Men Showcase

In this post, I show some Cthulhu Miniatures Serpent Men that I painted by RAFM. These miniatures are part of their Cthulhu Classic Line of Miniatures, and you can still buy them off of RAFM’s website.

I actually painted these figures up some time ago, but finally put the basing materials on them and called them finished.

Now, let’s take a closer look.

The Serpent Men miniatures

Cthulhu Miniatures Serpent Men
Here are the three miniatures that come in the Cthulhu Serpent Men pack. There is also an additional extra snake, but I did that one up with a different group of figures. As a result, the small snake missed this photoshoot.
Serpent man with a knife
A creepy snakeman with a knife. You can can see some nice detailing on the underside of the tail.
Snake man eats a heart
This snake man is eating the heart of his most recent victim.
Snake man eats a heart
He drinks every last drop of blood from that tasty meal.
Serpent man wizard or cult leader miniature
This one is my favourite of the group.
A snake wizard 28mm miniature
He totally reminds me of the serpent cult leader from the old Conan movie. Remember that man that turns into the snake on the throne. This is him – or at least, it looks like him.

Scale Comparison

Usually I save scale comparison photos for my reviews, but I figured I might as well toss it into this post too. Here I compare the serpent men heights to 28mm Frostgrave miniatures.

Frostgrave Knights to RAFM Serpent Men scale comparison pictures
I had fun with this picture. The barbarians that I mad with the Frostgrave Knights kit reminds me completely of Conan’s adversaries in the Conan Movies from the 80s.

The Cthulhu Serpent Men on Terrain

Here I placed the serpent men on the Transport Platform / Summoning Mound by Crucible Crush that I reviewed earlier this week.

Serpent Men Miniatures for Cthulhu based games
A close up of two of the serpent men on a magical rune circle.
RAFM Cthulhu Serpent Men Miniatures (1)
The miniatures on a Transport Platform by Crucible Crush for their Black Sun miniatures game. Works great for other settings too.

Wrapping it up…

There you have it. My three RAFM Cthulhu Miniatures Serpent Men that I painted. Some fun minis, but honestly – Cthulhu miniatures – there is just something about it that I like.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!