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August – Must Contain Minis Newsletter

This newsletter is a new monthly type of post that I plan to give a try here on Must Contain Minis. In this post, I talk about my website and some of the posts from June. We will start with the changes that I made to the site recently followed by a discussion on how to support the site and end with some posts from June to take a second look at.

Without any further ado, let’s get into the August Must Contain Minis Newsletter.


I found July 2020 to be a very exciting month. At the start of the month, a couple of gaming companies came to me to inquire about advertising. I wanted to advertise on this site for a while and welcomed the request. After coming together with a plan, the project turned into something larger than I wanted to tackle. As such, I informed my potential clients that I would be going a different direction. Instead, I would have Google continue to manage my ads and I would focus on creating more content.

More Frequent Posts – 5 Nights a Week

As stated above, I decided to concentrate my efforts on growing my site instead of taking in advertisers. To do so, I decided to post five days a week. I’ve done so all of July and continue to do so into August. I plan to keep this up as long as I can. The target dates for the posts are Sunday to Thursday evenings with posts usually going out between the hours of 8pm and 9pm at night. This means more and varied content for you. For me, it means I am finally getting through my backlog and getting more engaged with the gaming community.

Images and Site Layout

You may have also noticed a new look to the site. Over the past month I improved the branding of my images and spent some time changing the theme of the site. Along with the changes came some improvements for mobile users. You may notice that the images load somewhat differently now. Some of the images take a little longer go load than before, but the trade off is that you can start interacting with the site quicker now. In a sense, this allows users to navigate the page quicker and get around the site faster. This change especially works well for mobile users. This site now loads faster on a phone, which is perfect for those of you reading this site when you are on your breaks at work (or when you are out shopping with your wife). 🙂

From here on in, you will see the images become more uniform in styling as I believe I got the desired look for my title images and watermarks.

Advertising on MCM and Supporting Must Contain Minis

One question I get often is how can we support Must Contain Minis. On top of that, this month I received a few requests from people on how to advertise on website. I figured I would outline the answers to both those questions in this Must Contain Minis Newsletter.


Must Contain Minis is a part of the Google Display Advertising Network. Using Google, you can decide where and how your ads appear. If you are on there, there is a chance that you could be advertising on Must Contain Minis. If you want more than a “chance” to be advertising on Must Contain Minis, you can do a managed placements and tell Google that you want to be on By letting Google handle my advertising, I can focus on creating the content.

If you want stories about your company, that could be possible too. If you wish to enter into a reviewer or sponsorship relationship, there is information below for that.

Review / Sponsorship Products

Personally, I really like it when I see gaming related ads on my site. If you want to send in review products to the site, send an email and we can decide together if there is a fit with this site. Likewise, if you want to send in products to sponsor or otherwise support Must Contain Minis, that is good too. For more information, I have a page dedicated to Review Submissions and Sponsorship Products. That page also contains recent information on Must Contain Minis web statistics for those curious or thinking of reaching out to the site for reviews or content.

Affiliate Sales

For those of you without a store or product to promote and are still looking for ways to support the site, this may be done through our affiliate sales relationships. We have affiliate sales set up with Amazon and DriveThruRPG. If you go to their sites from here and buy something, than a portion of the sales goes to helping Must Contain Minis. The way that I look at it is that this might be a way for you to buy something that you were going to buy anyway and support the website at the same time. Best of all, there is no additional cost to you in doing supporting a website that you like.

Some people have asked about me going on Patreon or setting up a donations button, but that is not a route that I want to go at this time. I don’t want to charge my readers for using the site. I have many great articles and I just want to share my love of games with my visitors.

Notable Posts

In July, I published 22 articles on Must Contain Minis. In this Must Contain Minis Newsletter, I would like to draw attention to some of those posts. As a note, you can see some stylistic changes in the cover photos as I worked on finding the right look for the site.

Posts Worth a Second Look

The posts below are certainly worth another look. The posts about Frostgrave and Spider miniatures both preview some upcoming plastic miniatures kits. The Blood and Plunder Article outlines what we are to expect from Firelock Games over the next year for Blood and Plunder. The Oathmark Review and Warhammer 40,000 Starter sets articles are pretty self explanatory for content. Finally, I included a post showing some pictures of the Living Dead Peasants that I painted.

Of course, I hope that you check out the rest of the stories on the site too, but these are some of the posts that stuck out to me this month.

Wrapping it up…

Thank you very much for joining me in this first Must Contain Minis Newsletter. Hopefully you enjoyed the posts over the last month and keep coming back for more. With five posts a week, there should be something of interest for you each time that you come back.

So, what do you think of the articles above? Are there any articles that you really liked in July? Please let us know in the comments below.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!