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Black Sun Kickstarter Update

Update: March 20, 2019… this Kickstarter has temporarily been taken down for a retooling before launching again later.

The guys at Crucible Crush and Pulp Figures recently released some cool pictures for their Black Sun Kickstarter Campaign. I collected these pictures off their Kickstarter Page and personal Facebook Pages. As such, these images are all the property of Crucible Crush and I thank them for letting me use them.

As you may know from my previous article, Black Sun is a Weird Vietnam War Game. That said, they have pledge levels that would appeal to historical gamers looking for Vietnam in 28mm.

Historical Eye Candy

Crucible Crush has been taking good care to create 28mm miniatures that can be used for Historical and Weird War Vietnam Games alike. One of the Kickstarter updates shows 28mm helicopter crew that you can use for your model helicopter. At this time, I don’t think Crucible Crush makes helicopters, but there are plenty of Huey Kits out there.

28mm Huey Helicopter Miniatures
The Crew Members of a Huey Helicopter will be made as an add-on for this Kickstarter Campaign.
28mm Huey Helicopter Miniature for Vietnam
Snoopy!!! Awesome picture, and those minis look great in there.  🙂
28mm Helicopter Miniature
Bob took some great photos! Very cool!
Huey pilot 28mm miniature
A landed helicopter with the pilot miniature.
Crucible Crush Black Sun Kickstarter Campaign
Some US soldiers get dropped off and are ready for combat.

As you can see, these miniatures look absolutely fantastic and would be great for Historical Wargamers. They also make for some cool models in Black Sun.

Weird War Eye Candy

The Kickstarter’s goal is to fund the game’s rule set Black Sun. While pledge levels are available for Historical Wargamers, the hope is to make this new rule-set a reality. Black Sun is about soldiers passing into an alternative dimension and encountering strange new enemies. Below are some pictures a little more on the Weird, Cthulhu and Sci-Fi side of things.

Landed 28mm Miniature Helicopter
A Landed Helicopter under a strange sky. Perhaps it is napalm, perhaps it is a sunset, or perhaps they crossed over into a different world. Either way, that pilot is trying to make sense of his new surroundings.
Downed Helicopter 28 mm terrain for vietnam wargaming
A downed helicopter terrain piece with some Cthulhu type growth. I expect that this piece will be made as an add-on or kickstarter goal soon. I am not sure if normal jungle vines would grow that fast.
Bugs vs US troops - 28mm miniatures
Here some troops encounter some deadly bugs. An interesting mix of Sci-Fi and Historical wargaming – for sure.

Wrapping it up…

I am having a lot of fun watching Crucible Crush’s Black Sun Kickstater Campaign. This is a project that I hope to see come to fruition and I like what I see so far. I think the game has a very interesting mix of a histroical wargame mixed with an interesting Sci-Fi flavour.

Again, there are pledge levels available for the Historical Wargamer as well as for those more willing to invest in a Weird Vietnam War Game. The miniatures themselves look great in the pictures so far, and I own several other miniatures by the same sculptor. I think those miniatures are great.

If you also like what you see, be sure to check out the Kickstarter Page.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!


Disclaimer: If you invest in a Kickstater, make sure that you are aware of the risks and rewards of the campaign. 

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  1. Andrés F.

    The minis look cool, though I think Hueys at 28mm scale (is it 1:35?) are a bit too large for comfortable gaming. I suppose the ruleset treats them as fancy scenery?

    I’m intrigued about the Black Sun setting. Are US troops and the VC crossing into another universe, or are the monsters crossing into ours? If the former, do Americans and Vietnamese keep fighting between themselves, or do they unite to survive in a strange new world? Questions, questions!

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      I am not 100% sure on the scale of the model helicopter. I think I saw it might be 1:42 somewhere. 28mm miniatures are generally comparable to 1:56 scale models.

      As for the Black Sun World, we are crossing over into it. I am not sure on the factions alliances. I am thinking it might be a free-for-all on the other side. It would be very neat to see them unit to survive.

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