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Must Contain Minis is On The Move…

Must Contain Minis studio is moving.

Hopefully this will just be a short-term disruption, but I wanted to let readers know. Instead of striving for two to three posts a week, I will be aiming for one (and two on good weeks). There might be a week here and there that I miss a post – but hopefully not. I still plan to also publish for Bell of Lost Souls weekly during this period.

I just wanted to keep readers informed as my site has been off its regular release schedule for a while now. The reason for that is because of how much of my time is currently occupied with other things. I have a full-time job, just started an evening course, and am in the process of packing and getting ready for a relocation.

If you are someone that supports the website through review products, I will be in touch. I also want to let you know that my camera and laptop are still accessible. This means that although my studio is in boxes, I am still able to make new content.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!