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Westfalia Miniatures Review and Preview

Westfalia Miniatures recently sent me a sampling of figures to take a look at. You may have caught a glimpse of them in my Six Squared Studios MDF Bases review. In this post, I take a deeper look at those models. Join me in this Westfalia Miniatures Review post to take a closer look at those miniatures.

This is not the first time that I came across Westfalia Miniatures. When I first wrote about them, I took a look at their upcoming miniatures with a likeness to the Tiger King / Joe Exotic.

Tiger King Miniature for RPG Games like Dungeons and Dragons. That mini certainly has some similarities to Tiger Joe.
The first miniatures by Westfalia that caught my eye. I wrote a very popular post about these miniatures as soon as I saw them. These are preview images of models not yet available.

At that time, they planned to sell these miniatures as part of a D&D adventure kit. Right now, it looks like there may be plans to release them individually as well. The Rakshasa King has a page dedicated to the individual models in both human and tiger form.

Likewise, the preview products that they sent me for review all have their own pages that I will link to too. Given that these are preview miniatures, they are not available for sale yet. That said, keep your eyes on these pages and you can scoop them up when the products go live. The links will also help those visiting the site in the future.

As a note, the miniatures are cast to be in line with 32mm miniatures. I have scale comparison pictures at the end of the article.

Now, let’s get into the Westfalia Miniatures review.

Sample Miniatures

For the sake of full disclosure, Westfalia Miniatures sent me five preview miniatures as samples for review. You can’t buy these yet, but I anticipate that they will be available on the market later in 2020.

As mentioned earlier, you may have caught a glimpse of them in my Six Squared Studios MDF Bases review. The miniatures come without bases. Westfalia Miniatures no longer supplies bases because they found that most people had their own ideas on how to make the figures fit their collection. Makes sense to me.

Westfalia Miniatures Sample for Review
If you buy these figures, you will have to supply your own bases. The models come as slotted figures with no bases. The advantage to this is that you can choose bases that match your collection. Image from my Six Squared Studios MDF Bases review.

Assembling Westfalia Miniatures

Westfalia Miniatures are made out of a resin material. The details are extremely crisp and I used superglue to paste them together.

Using Gorilla Brand Super Glue to assemble resin Miniatures
To assemble my Westfalia Miniatures, I turned to Gorilla brand Super Glue.

Four of the five miniatures sent to me came as multi-piece resin models. One of them is a single piece miniature. The Kathja Female Catling Bard came with the most pieces in this group – four.

Kathja Female Catling Bard on the Sprue
Kathja came with the most pieces. Here is a look of the model on the Sprue.

I broke the bow for the violin on the Kathja model while building it. I applied too much for bending it how I wanted it to go against the musical instrument. To fix the issue, I applied a little bit of extra super glue.

Fixing my Kathja miniature with Gorilla Brand Super Glue
If you look closely in the circle, you can see where I broke the model during the build. A little bit of super glue and it was all fixed. The model looked even better after the glue dried.

Kathja the Female Catling Bard

This miniature looks awesome. I am not a cat person, but I can really appreciate the details on Kathja the Female Catling Bard miniature. Check out these pictures.

Westfalia Miniatures Review - Kathja the Female Catling Bard
A picture of the Kathja miniature that Westfalia Minaitures sent me. How great does that look!? You can’t even tell that I broke the bow after the glue dried.
Kathja side profile miniature - Female Feline Miniature for RPG games - Dungeons and Dragons.
A look at the side profile. If you look closely at the container around her hip, you can see a small hole in the miniature that a little bit of Green Stuff will be able to fix quickly.
Kathja the Female Catling Bard - Dungeons and Dragons miniature for 5E
The side profile from the other side.

Captain Crow the Male Vampire

The Captain Crow the Male Vampire figure by Westfalia Miniatures I really like. This guy will certainly be making it into my undead army!

Westfalia Miniatures Review - Male Vampire
This vampire count will certainly make into my undead army collection!
RPG Miniatures - Vampire
Nice Details on the back of the model too.

Coco the Female Human Barbarian

Another great miniature. Check this lady out! This is Coco the Female Human Barbarian. She would be great for any Fantasy Role Playing Game, but she will likely be making it into my collection as a Frostgrave Soldier.

Coco the Female Human Barbarian - 28 to 32mm gaming miniature
A very nice Miniature.
Westfalia Miniatures Review - Coco the Female Human Barbarian
I like the pose and look on this model. Very crisp details.

Grandfather Bullrog the Male Human Barbarian

If you are looking for a variety of miniatures suitable for character miniatures in Dungeons and Dragons (or Pathfinder), Westfalia Miniatures has a lot of options. These figures would also work well in skirmish miniatures games like Frostgrave. Meet Grandfather Bullrog the Male Human Barbarian.

Male Human Barbarian "Grandfather Bullrog" - 32mm miniature
This tough old man comes with a giant battle axe and a pair of brass knuckles. Best stay on his good side! You can see that I missed a small piece of flashing in his hair.

Gordon Rumsley the Male Klabooter

The Male Klabooter is actually a creature miniature for 5th Edition. He is basically a two to three foot tall creature that looks like an old blind man or a lich. They like the sea and are often found around ports and large ships. This is Gordon Rumsley the Male Klabooter.

Westfalia Miniatures Review - Male Klabooter "Gordon Rumsley"
A small humanoid creature found in ports and large ships. The Klabooter. He is scaled to be two to three feet tall in 32mm.
Male Klabooter "Gordon Rumsley"
I am not sure if I would trust this man if I came across him in an RPG.

Scale Comparison Images

The above five miniatures showcase what Westfalia Miniatures sent to Must Contain Minis for review. I was very impressed with the crispness of the miniatures and how little flashing was on the models.

One of the things that I really like to include in my reviews are scale comparison images. This is so you can determine whether the models might fit your collection. Below are the Westfalia Miniatures figures compared to other companies.

Gordon Rumsley Scaled vs a Blood and Plunder Miniature
On the left is a Blood and Plunder Miniature by Firelock Games. On the right, Gordon Rumsley. He is supposed to be short so he might fit into Blood & Plunder as a citizen of some sort.
Westfalia Miniatures Scale Comparison - Frostgrave and Reaper.
Left to right… North Star Military Figures (Frostgrave), Westfalia Miniatures, Reaper Miniatures.
Westfalia Miniatures Scale Comparison Image - Frostgrave - North Star Military Figures - Dungeons and Dragons - Mantic Games - Reaper Miniatures
Left to right… North Star Military Figures (Frostgrave), Wizkids (Dungeons and Dragons), Westfalia Miniautres, Fireforge Games (Forgotten World), Westfalia Miniatures, Mantic Games, Reaper Miniatures, Westfalia Miniatures, Reaper Miniatures.

The miniatures scale nicely with figures 28mm to 32mm. That said, they are closest in size to the 32mm Reaper miniatures but their weapons are less “heroic” (chunky).

Wrapping it up…

There you have it. My Westfalia Miniatures Review of five preview miniatures sent to me by Westfalia Miniatures. I would like to take a moment to thank Westfalia Miniatures for sending the figures to Must Contain Minis.

The resin was fairly easy to work with and not as hard as some of the other figures I have tried by other companies. That said, they are not as soft or easy to cut through as Fireforge Games Resin Models. Overall, I really like the figures and was impressed with the crispness of the models.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

Westfalia miniatures review - 32mm miniatures for Fantasy gaming and RPGs.
The five sample miniatures all together.

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