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Review: Bases by 6 Squared Studios

Today, we are going to do a comparison of Six Squared Studios 25mm round bases to GW bases. Right off the top, I will admit wholeheartedly that I am a frugal gamer – so this review is looking through the eyes of a budget conscious gamer.

As a value conscious gamer, the first thing to look at is the prices between the two companies. To make the comparison fair, we will look at the cost of 10 packs. Keep in mind that both companies offer discounts to people that buy bases in larger packs.

Budget Bases for Miniatures
If buying by 10 packs, the GW bases cost $0.60 each while the ones by Six Squared Studios cost $0.19 each.

A 10 pack of round 25mm GW bases costs $6 Canadian. This price is the same no matter if the Slot or Solid bases are chosen. A 10 pack of Six Squared Studios 25mm round bases run $1.99 Canadian. Doing the math, that makes the GW bases $0.60 each while the ones by Six Squared are only $0.19 each. That is 1/3 of the price. But how do they stack up size wise?

Budget Bases for Miniatures
A size comparison of a GW base (on the left) vs a base by 6 Squared (on the Right). The bases by GW are made out of plastic while the ones by 6 Squared are out of MDF.

Size wise, the two companies are virtually the same. The bottom circumference and the height of the bases are the exact same. The GW base does taper in as it goes to the top while the base by Six Squared is straight from top to bottom. For me, that difference is not enough to deter me from using them side by side. Others may not share the same opinion and that is okay. The material used in the GW bases are plastic while the ones by Six Squared are MDF. That is another difference that might make a deter some, but not me.

Budget Bases for Miniatures
Another shot of the two companies bases side by side. One advantage the GW has is that Six Squared Studios do not make slotted bases.

Personally, I use whatever bases I have. I really like the ones by Six Squared Studio’s because they are extremely affordable and I find them to be of good quality. I also prefer that the 6 Squared bases are solid all the way through because I glue magnetic sheets on the bottoms for transportation purposes (the GW ones are hollow).

For anyone that has not checked out Six Squared Studios before, check them out. This company is a gold mine for frugal gamers such as myself!

MCM also has an updated review with a look at more bases from Six Squared Studios.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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  1. Frank Tarze

    Find their mdf very cheap though, when I drop it, they tend to come all apart into saw dust, Ive had some even come apart in my hands. Just spend the extra few cents and do it properly. The company is also difficult to deal with. Ive tried to make orders and purchases but never hear back. Lots of other better and more communicative companies out there.

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      Hi Frank,

      So far I have had the opposite experience with the company. I’ve had zero issues with their MDF and they have been fairly responsive to my questions. Even before starting Must Contain Minis, they were always good at getting back to my emails.

      Best wishes,

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