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Quick Review – DakkaDakkaStore Hive King on MyMiniFactory

Today’s post is a quick review of the DakkaDakkaStore Hive King that I purchased from MyMiniFactory. Recently, a friend recently printed it off for me.

My plan with this miniature is to use him in OnePageRules’ Grimdark Future. That said, I could totally evnision other people using this miniature in Warhammer 40K as a proxy in a Tyranid army for a Hive Tyrant, Swarm Lord or a Screamer-Killer.

I can certainly a likeness to those models, but, at the same time, the styling is clearly different.

Building the Miniature

This model printed off the 3D Printer in a number of pieces.

DakkaDakkaStore Hive King downloaded from MyMiniFactory and printed before assembly

Buidling it was super easy. No surprises. No need for tricks – like propping the parts up while the glue dries. This model just went together well for me.

Glueing the model together.

For glue, I used Gorilla Brand Gel Super Glue.

The Finished Model – DakkaDakkaStore Hive King from MyMiniFactory

Once put together, this became a large and intimidating beast! Check out this model! The arm span on it is amazing!

The arm span is huge!
A look from the side. A really good looking miniature.
From the back.
DakkaDakkaStore Hive King on MyMiniFactory. An excellent proxy for a Tyranid Tyrant, Swarm Lord, or screamer-killer.

The width of this model is humongous! You will see that in the upcoming scale comparison image. Those blades are super intimidating! He is going to make short work of any character brave enough to challenge him to close quarters fighting.

Scale Comparison Image – DakkaDakkaStore Hive King vs GW Screamer-Killer

While I intend to use this miniature in a set of rules by OnePageRules, I wanted to see how it compares to the GW Screamer-Killer that I got out of the Levithan boxed set.

The DakkaDakkaStore Hive King vs a GW Screamer-Killer miniature. 

A potential Proxy miniature for Tyranids

On the left is the Hive King. On the right is the Tyranid Screamer-Killer. The models are clearly different in a number of ways. The styles are different, but one of the most obvious differences is that the Hive King is much larger in width.

Now, let’s close out this quick article.

Wrapping it up…

Today’s post was a quick one looking at the DakkaDakkaStore Hive King that I had printed off from MyMiniFactory. Overall, a really nice miniature that I am looking forward to painting.

If you want to see another miniature that I downloaded from MyMiniFactory for my Alien Hive army, check out my Burrower Review.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!