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Showcase: Start Collecting Beastclaw Raiders by Ullr’s Table (Age of Sigmar)

We don’t often write about Games Workshop products, but today will be an exception. In this post, we take a look at The Start Collecting Beastclaw Raiders set for Age of Sigmar painted by Ullr’s Table.

Now, let’s take a closer look at these minis (all pictures by Robert Morris of Ullr’s Table and slightly edited by Jacob Stauttener).

Beastclaw Raiders
This is a close up of the face on the Ogor Lord’s mount.

The Start Collecting Beastclaw Raiders set is a collection of Ogors, or as we in other systems know them as… Ogres.  🙂

An Ogre on a Serious Warmount
Check out this guy!!! He is definitely the commander in the group.
Rear of an Ogor Leader on a mount
A look at the beast from the rear. The last Ogor that challenged this man to his claim on leadership is now obviously dead and his tongue is fastened to the back of this war-mount as a trophy.
Profile shot of an Ogor Leader
A shot from the side. Nice looking model.

Just like any good leader, this guy needs a group to lead. Of the four troops, the one with the gun is my favourite. Below are pictures of that group.

Ogor Gunman
An Ogor with a Gun.
Profile shot of the Ogor Gunman
Aside from the leader, this one is my favourite of the group.

Ogor Polearm Soldier on a Mount
An Ogor with a polearm.
Mounted Ogre Musician
An Ogor Horn Blower.
Mounted Ogor Standard Bearer
The Flag Bearer.

While these models are meant for Age of Sigmar, I could imagine any one of them (especially the leader) being used as a really nice proxy miniature to represent Kornovik the Barbarian Outcast for people into Frostgrave (a character from Forgotten Pacts).

Special thanks goes out again to Robert Morris of Ullr’s Table for taking these pictures and allowing Must Contain Minis to share them with its readers. Ullr’s Table did an excellent job painting them up. If you haven’t heard of Ullr’s Table, they are a Commission Painting Service that we have posted about a couple of times before. If you want to see more of Rob’s work, check out…
Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!
Written by Jacob Stauttener
Photos by Robert Morris
Photos Edited by Jacob Stauttener