Merry Christmas!!! Gifts from Firelock Games

Merry Christmas!!! Gifts from Firelock Games

Merry Christmas everyone!!! 2020 has been a very rough year! This year for Christmas, I bought myself some stuff from Firelock Games. Not only did I buy myself a few things from Firelock Games, I also bought some of those items for my friends.

In this post, we quickly look at my complete order, what I bought and what I shipped off to my friends. The guys I bought for happen to help a lot with Must Contain Minis by painting miniatures and sharing showcase pictures. These items were my way to thank them.

What I Bought from Firelock Games

Below is a look at my full order from Firelock Games.

My Firelock Games Christmas haul for 2020
I picked up Oak & Iron, Blood And Valor and miniatures for Blood & Valor and Blood & Plunder. I also bought tokens, dice and templates for both Blood & Plunder and Blood & Valor.

Not a bad haul. As mentioned earlier, I bought gifts for other people in this shipment too, so I am going to focus on what I got myself for now. We will get to the others later on.

So what did I purchase for myself?

I bought full into Blood and Valor. A number of months ago, I bought the rules of Blood and Valor off of the Wargame Vault. Having tasted the game, I wanted more.

Blood and Valor is a skirmish level game with 25 to 45 models a side. For World War 1, that is not nearly as many miniatures as I would have expected one would need for a game. As such, buying in is not too expensive. I started with two starter sets. US and German.

Blood and Valor Miniatures by the Phalanx Consortium.
A look at the two starter armies I bought myself for Blood & Valor. Each starter set comes with 26 miniatures and a heavy machine gun.

I plan to compare these to the minis by Wargames Atlantic in a future review. In some ways, the Great War minis by Wargames Atlantic encouraged me to look deeper at this game.

Also, at 25 to 45 miniatures a side, this game is smaller than what I envisioned World War 1 games to be in the past. It also follows the Blood & Plunder game system in spirit. I look forward to seeing how this plays out on the table.

The dice, counters and templates in this order I also bought for myself to enhance my gaming experience.

Now, let’s take a look at what I bought for others.

Blood & Plunder French

For one of the painters that helps me with Must Contain Minis, I bought him a French Nationality Starter Set for Blood and Plunder.

Blood and Plunder French Nationality Starter Set
The French Nationality Blood & Plunder Starter Set.

Inside that starter set are 25 miniatures. Compared to other nations, these guys are generally pretty elite and have an interesting play style.

What is in the French Nationality Starter Set for Blood & Plunder by Firelock Games
The back of the Blood & Plunder French Nationality Starter Set.

It will be nice to see how he paints these guys up. I have my own French force that I slowly painted some of the minis from. I have my Boucaniers and the Captain completed. Those pictures are from three years ago. I am a better photographer now, but I really look forward to seeing what the guy I gave them to does with them.

Because I was collecting French before I got my Dutch and Spanish forces, I had a few extra French models sitting around. I sent those figures to him too. That brings his French force up to 30 miniatures.

Blood and Plunder Gift for a friend
On top of the starter set, I also gave him some extra Boucaniers and Laurens De Graff.

I gave these miniatures to him back in November as a “thank you” for helping with the website, but it is a bit of a Christmas present too.

Oak and Iron

For one of the other guys that helps me with the site, I got him an Oak & Iron Starter Set. Again, I got him this as a “thank you” for helping, but it is also a bit of Christmas Gift.

Oak & Iron Starter Set
The Starter Box for Oak & Iron.
Back of the box - Oak & Iron Starter Set by Firelock Games
A look at the back of the box.

Oak & Iron caught my interest since I first saw it on Kickstarter. In fact, I was interested in the game before it even went to the crowdfunding site. The guys at Firelock Games sent me a copy for review, but I have not gotten to it yet. It looks like a lot of fun and I hear really good things about the game. Now both my buddy and I have a copy! Here’s hoping for future games!

Two Oak & Iron Starter Sets
My Copy of Oak & Iron along side my friend’s copy.

If you are interested in the game too, Firelock Games has videos of how to play the game on their YouTube Channel.

Wrapping it up…

Hopefully you had a good Christmas this year. 2020 has been one heck of a year and a tough one to boot. Where I live, we go on complete lockdown as soon as the minute hand passes midnight between Christmas and Boxing Day of 2020. That said, Mrs. Must Contain Minis and I have been living like we were on lockdown for most of the pandemic.

We are getting tired of this COVID-19 business, but want to stay safe for ourselves and our loved ones.

While I can’t get out to game with others, I still love to collect and share with you what I am working on and looking at. Overall, this was a very good Christmas haul that I bought from Firelock Games.

Mrs. Must Contain Minis also got me a few things for Christmas that I have yet to open. Don’t worry, I have a good idea of what they are and they are all things that I like and that will help with the hobby.

In the comments section below, please tell me about your Christmas experience for 2020 and any gifts that you received and want to fill us in about.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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