Off Sick

Off Sick

Hey everyone. It seems like I have come down with a Holiday cold of some sort. As such, I have not had time to work on this website. Must Contain Minis is a one person operation so until I am feeling better, there won’t be new posts.

Hopefully that will be for just a day or two longer. I had three posts planned for this week and a YouTube video. Those posts may come a little later and the video will have to wait until next week for sure.

Thank you for checking in and the content will start flowing again soon. In the meantime, how about checking out my other 700 posts on Must Contain Minis?

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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Help Support Must Contain Minis

Just a quick reminder. Must Contain Minis partners with a few businesses to help cover the costs associated with running a website. We do this through affiliate links. If you purchase something from one of the affiliate links from this site, then a portion of the sale goes back to supporting Must Contain Minis. This is at no extra cost to you at all. Win-win.

We have affiliate relationships with (paid link) and DriveThruRPG (paid link). On top of those two, the Wargame Vault (paid link) is also one of the companies that you can buy from and support this website.

Recently, I just partnered with Humble Bundle (paid link) too. There you can buy some great bundles (Miniature Gaming and Role Playing Game PDFs, and Computer Games) at very affordable prices. When you checkout from there, you can select how much money to support Must Contain Minis (and many charities) with. This is a great way to get some cool stuff for yourself and help Must Contain Minis without costing you any extra money.

I thank you again for reading and appreciate the continued support.

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