You are currently viewing Spotlight on Huron Warrior Miniatures by Crucible Crush (for Flint & Feather)

Spotlight on Huron Warrior Miniatures by Crucible Crush (for Flint & Feather)

In this post, I cast a spotlight on some Huron Warrior Miniatures that I bought for Flint and Feather by Crucible Crush. For those that don’t know of Flint & Feather, it is a historical miniatures skirmish game featuring the tribes native to the Great Lakes in the years before European contact. I wrote about game itself in an earlier post.

Sculpted by Bob Murch, the miniatures look great. I did not paint them yet, so you will see how they look right out of the package. Crucible Crush impressed me as there is pretty much no flashing on these models. That is something I appreciate.

The Miniatures

Without further Ado, let’s take a look at the Huron Warrior Miniatures I picked up from Crucible Crush. They list on the Crucible Crush Webstore as “67002- Huron/Wendat War Bearers #2.” This blister comes with five miniatures and bases.

Huron Warriors - Miniatures of Pre-Contact Native Americans
Glued to their bases, above are the miniatures from Crucible Crush’s “67002- Huron/Wendat War Bearers #2” blister.

My favourite of the group is the archer in full wood armour.

A miniature of a Huron Warrior in full wooden armour - Archer
A Huron Warrior in full wood armour. You can see that there are some bumps on the bottom of the bow that should be filed off, but, otherwise, there is not much work to do here aside from prime and paint.
Miniature of a Native American Warrior with a Club
A well clothed clubman. I will likely play him as a veteran or champion of his Warband.
Huron Warrior Miniatures
This fast moving Warrior is armed with a club and some armour.
Native American Miniatures for wargaming
A young archer runs through the woods with his bow drawn to aid his fellow warriors in battle.
Huron Wendat Native American Miniatures for Wargaming - Pre-contact America
An Archer readies his bow to take a shot at the enemy.

Overall, this is a good looking group of warriors. The guys did a great job on these miniatures. There is not much cleanup to worry about and the details are nice and crisp. While I still have to paint mine, let’s take a look at how they are painted on Crucible Crush’s Webstore.

67002- Huron-Wendat War Bearers #2 by Crucible Crush
The miniatures of Huron-Wendat War Bearers #2, as painted by Crucible Crush.

Crossing Between Games

While these miniatures are built specifically for Crucible Crush’s Flint and Feather Game, I can envision these miniatures working extremely well as alternative figures for Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago and for the upcoming Blood & Plunder expansion, No Peace Beyond the Line.

Are there other games that you could see these working well in? If so, please let us know in the comments below.

Crucible Crush

Crucible Crush is a fairly new company ran by Lee VanSchaik (of RAFM fame) and Bob Murch (from Pulp Figures). Together, they have produced two games and sell a whole host of other products.

The games of their own design include StarCrush (a 1/240 scale space fighter game) and Flint and Feather (a 28mm tribal warfare game between the nations of the Great Lakes region before the arrival of Europeans). They also carry several lines of miniatures that they produce for use in other games. Their lines include miniatures in the following scales and genres: Black Sun (28mm Weird War Vietnam – I love the look of the Deep Ones [Fish Mihn] with AK47’s), Cthulhu 28’s (28mm Cthulhu related minis) and a selection of Pulp Figures (various 28mm minis that can be suitable for WW2, Interwar and Pulp genres).

They also carry products by Warlord Games (Bolt Action, Pike and Shot, Black Powder, and Hail Caesar), North Star Military Figures (Frostgrave), Perry Miniatures, Gripping Beast (Saga), RAFM (USX: Modern Day Heroes), and Plastic Soldier Company.

The fact that they carry all of these great products pretty much makes them a one-stop shop for me at my local conventions. Bolt Action, Frostgrave, SAGA, USX: Modern Day Heroes, Pike and Shot and Flint and Feather are all games that highly interest me.

If you attend gaming conventions, keep your eyes out for these guys. I believe they attend most of the gaming conventions in the South Western Ontario area and the big conventions like Historicon, Adepticon and Gencon. At my local conventions, I always enjoy visiting their booth and chatting to Lee.

If you can’t see them at a convention, check out their website. They have been working very hard of late with a new layout and webstore.

Finally, if you are a retailer, or know of a retailer, interested in their products, they are actively looking for people to carry their products. Look for the contact details on their website.

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Special Thanks

The backdrop for the photos in this post were taken on a Lost Temple Cigar Box Battle Mat. Special thanks goes to them for sending us this product for use on Must Contain Minis.


Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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