RAFM Deep Ones Review and Showcase

RAFM puts out many great models. They have an extensive Cthulhu line and I make it no mystery that I am a fan of their USX: Modern Day Heroes line. Today’s products, mix the two lines together as they are available individually (in 3 packs) from the Cthulhu Line or in Boxed sets as either a unit box, or in their starter box, in their USX: Modern Day Heroes Line.

This is RAFM’s Deep Ones – Pack 3 from their Cthulhu Line.
A while ago, I purchased RAFM’s Deep Ones – Pack 3. The paint job on them is up to my current standards and was likely done in the last year. Personally, I think these models are great and well worth a buy. Let’s take a closer look at these three figures.
This figure turned out great. Love how well the clothes picked up my highlighting work. Wish I had of paid more attention to the eyes, but overall – very good.

Again, check out the shading and highlighting I was able to get on the robes.

A Fantastic Model.

There are some tatters in this guy’s robes. 

Another great Model.
This guy is super cool.

Lots of detail here. Great looking face and artifact.
This is RAFM’s Deep Ones Mutant Fishermen from their Cthulhu Line.

This Deep One is reading a Book. I like to use him as a Spell Caster.

This Deep One Fisherman is working with an Invisible Line. 

A Deep One with a Coveted Fish!

This is a fun model.

These three models make up RAFM’s Deep Ones – Pack 2 in their Cthulhu Line. I got four sets of these guys through the USX Starter Set, which is a fantastic value.

A Deep One armed with a Rifle. This is one of the first minis that I painted after a long hiatus. 

A Deep One with a Trident.

A Deep One with a Sword. Considering this is one of the first minis that I painted when I got back into the hobby, he turned out fantastic.

The back of the model.

A quick scale Comparison. Left to Right… Imperial Guard, RAFM Deep One, Reaper Spikeshell Warrior, RAFM Civilian, RAFM Deep One, RAFM SWAT Member, Reaper Tiik Baron, Armorcast Cop.
These Deep One Miniatures by RAFM are great models and worth the buy for anyone planning to do something Cthulhu related. Their weapons are generic enough, that one might be able to use them for a Fantasy related game rather than just for games in a Modern Setting. If you like these products, check out the RAFM Website and Store
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