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Celebrating Four Years!!!

This past Tuesday (May 19, 2020), Must Contain Minis passed its four year mark! That’s right, this website is now four years old!!!

Over that time, I published 565 posts. In those 565 posts, there are 152 Showcase articles, 150 articles about Osprey Games and 143 Reviews. Of the articles I write, Battle Reports remain my favourite to create. I have 84 of those on this site.

My goal remains to cover smaller companies and to help encourage people to look at games outside of those by the largest miniatures company out there. You (and your wallet) know who I am talking about.

There is so much more to our hobby! You can discover some of those options by visiting this site.

So Many Games!!!

Games-wise, I covered a lot of ground in my four years. Bolt Action and Frostgrave remain my favourite games, but I cover a wide variety of game systems. My goal is to help introduce readers to products out there by smaller companies.

One of the many companies out there with great looking games is Firelock Games. I love their stuff. Their game Blood and Plunder is the prettiest miniatures game I have ever seen. Great looking tall ships and great looking minis for the age of piracy. Oak and Iron is also a great looking game, and I plan to take a further look into that on this site.

In the future, you will continue to see a wide variety of games to be covered on this site.

Active in the Community

I see Must Contain Minis as a tool to help promote gaming in the community. In the days before COVID-19, I would actively run demo games at local conventions. I ran games of Bolt Action, Frostgrave and A Fistful of Kung-Fu at these shows.

I set up the Ontario Miniature Gaming Conventions Page to promote local gaming. Unfortunately, that has not seen a lot of action lately due to the pandemic, but I do plan to keep it up to date.

As a second initiative, I set up the Canadian Miniatures Gaming Companies Page. This page is to help connect readers to Canadian businesses that manufacture miniature gaming products and have web-stores. That page continues to remain fairly popular.

On top of getting the name out of Canadian Businesses and helping promote local conventions, I am very active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you haven’t followed me there yet, come on over and give me a like, or follow, to keep up to date on my content and shares.

Finally, I also write for Bell of Lost Souls to help encourage Indy and Historical gaming to an even wider audience. Over there, I have 95 articles published to date.

Not bad at all for my first four years.

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for celebrating my four year anniversary with Must Contain Minis. It has been a good four years so far with lots of community coverage and plenty of games. I hope that you continue to visit Must Contain Minis as the site continues to grow.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!