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News from Warlord Games

About a month ago, I attended an online discussion where Warlord Games discussed their upcoming news for the year (and the next). In this post, I present to you my notes from that session.

I must admit, that my notes may be targeted more towards my interests than all that is coming. If you want to watch the full discussion video for yourself, I embedded it at the end of this article. Like most companies, Warlord Games pushes back their original plans due to COVID.

Now, join me in this Warlord Games news article.

What is Coming from Warlord Games?

Today’s post is a quick one. Below are my point form notes from the one-hour-and-fifty minute round table discussion of what is coming from Warlord Games.

Immediate Short Term

  • Focus on Victory at Sea for the short term
The Victory at Sea Starter Set. Image from Warlord Games.

Bolt Action

  • For the next 6 months (5 now) they will focus on the Pacific Theatre
  • A new Bolt Action D-Day Book is also on the books
    • New Plastic Models – expect a reworking of the British / Common Wealth Infantry for D-Day
  • Bolt Action Vietnam
    • But first… Indo-Pakistani War (specifically 1960 to 1965)
    • These are likely supplements like Bolt Action Korea
  • Plan to do more plastic kits for Bolt Action over the next two years
Warlord Games newest upcoming campaign book. Image from Warlord Games.

Bolt Action Third Edition?

  • When asked about a Third Edition of Bolt Action, they stated there are no plans for a Third Edition at this time.
  • Why fix something that is not broken?
  • The Second Edition rule book and FAQs is the route they plan to continue down for the foreseeable future

Tying all of the World War 2 Games Together

  • They have a World War 2 Board Game coming
    • They talk about it too much yet
  • It will likely come with little miniatures or plastic pieces for the game
  • You will be able to use the board game as some sort of campaign system for your Warlord Games WW2 games
  • It will tie together their World War 2 games
    • Presumably Victory at Sea, Cruel Seas, Blood Red Skies, and Bolt Action
  • The game will also work as a stand alone board game
  • This one sounds really cool to me

Blood Red Skies

  • It seemed like there was a lot of talk about Blood Red Skies
  • Blood Red Skies Pacific Theatre is coming – Midway coming in the fall
  • They plan to do “Big Red Skies” with kits with airfex kits
  • Ran out of the Blood Red Skies Core Box – they are coming up with a solution to offer up a game that gives you everything you need to play
  • Blood Red Skies Vietnam is in the works

The Other Games

  • Pike and Shotte – No big ideas for the next 6 months
    • Just a few sculpts here and there
  • Judge Dredd – Releasing more characters and models
  • SPQR – More to come for this game
  • Beyond the Gates of Antares – New rules coming

What are your Biggest Challenges?

For Sales the biggest challenge is communications. For the company as a whole, the biggest challenge is production and warehousing. Warlord Games employs about 100 people. They had to redo their warehouse and look at how they work due to concerns of COVID and keeping their workers safe.

Do you have any Advice for Starting a Retail Gaming Store?

If you open a gaming store, have at least 5 product types you cover to keep you going. Perhaps Miniatures, cards, boardgames, plus two more. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and realize it is hard work. Make your store a destination place. Build a community, and then build a store.

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for joining me in this Warlord Games news article. Hopefully you found something within it that excites you.

Now, I know I missed some of the news items discussed at the Cyber Wars Round Table. If you want to dive in for yourself, the almost two hour discussion is embedded below. No Dice No Glory facilitated and recorded this session.

The CyberWars HMGS Round Table Recording with Warlord Games – Recorded by

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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  1. Fred

    Nothing on Black powder or Hail Caesar, and where is SPQR NEW RULE BOOK ,, why
    AT MY LOCAL store bought the rule Books , and he can not buy the models , this is Bad

    Are you dropping the line , let me know
    Before I spend wasted money

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      Hi Fred…

      I am sorry but I wrote the article from my interest point and missed mentioning those games. Below are some missed points. You can listen to the two-hour program if you want more details.
      – For Black Powder, they plan to take on the American Civil War next.
      – I don’t remember mention of Hail Caesar – but they might have said something.
      – They have more coming for SPQR yet. I don’t remember what.

      Thanks for reading ~ Jacob

  2. Emiliano Morado

    We will be releasing the SPQR rulebook with updated rules and stat cards in the next 2 months. We are not dropping the line,we have had delays due to covid. Please enjoy the game and know that we will continue to support . have your store email me. [email protected]

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