Photography Tricks – The Light Box

Photography Tricks – The Light Box

What a difference lighting makes.

Take a look at the two photos on the left. These were done with a single desk lamp with a white paper towel as my back drop. Shadows are harsh and the contrast overemphasized. Now look at the two pictures to the right. These pictures were done in a homemade light box using two desk lamps and a piece of white bristol board (a.k.a. Poster Board to my American readers) set up as an infinity roll. What a difference!!!  The model is the exact same with the exception that I added the decals for the pictures on the right.

Lightbox vs no lightbox
The pictures on the left are lit with a single desk lamp. The harsh light casts shadows and overemphasizes the contrast on the model. I used a home-made light box and added a second lamp for the two photos on the right. The light box softens the light and paints a far better representation of my hard work.

The light box makes a huge difference and I am very pleased with my new photos. Check out how great my British Commander looks under the light box. My lamps are still under-powered, but it is a vast improvement over the shots that I was posting earlier. From here forward, the images that I will be posting will be truer representations of the models that I have painted. Now that I have a light box, I went back and re-shot some of the pictures for my Frostgrave Dwarfs Post and my Post Comparing House Models. Please check them out again for their upgraded photos.

Below is a sampling of some new photos that I made with the light box.

RAFM Vigilante Miniature
Mad Daddy by RAFM Miniatures
RAFM Vigilante Miniature
RAFM Vigilante Miniature
RAFM Vigilante Miniature


RAFM Tin Can Man Miniature
Scourge by RAFM Miniatures.


Major  Ternadust by Warlord Games.

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