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More on the Frostgrave Nickstarter

North Star Military Figures has been uploading a lot of pictures to their Nickstarter Page (Forgotten Pacts Campaign Page) and their Facebook page. This post is a round up of those new images and some of my pondering about the soon to be released figures. All of the images below are from one of the above two sources unless stated otherwise in the caption.

First off, the campaign itself has passed its second stretch goal so anyone that has invested at level 2 or higher gets a free Apprentice Miniature with their order. The next stretch goal is to unlock a Barbarian Wizard.

Frostgrave Barbarian Sprues

The newest and most exciting of the images to go up are pictures of the Plastic Barbarian Sprues. These are what will be in that Frostgrave Barbarian boxes. Check these out!!!

Frostgrave Sprues

Front of the Frostgrave Barbarians Sprue


Rear of the Frostgrave Barbarians Sprue

These look great and I can’t wait to get my hands on mine!!! I do notice that, unlike the cultist sprue (where one of the five was obviously wearing heavy armour), none of these figures are in armour. This means that to represent heavily armoured soldiers, players will have to state that “this mini has heavy armour under his coat,” buy the metal figures, or look at other manufacturers. Personally, I will probably do a bit of all three.

Wondering About SAGA and Frostgrave (Synergy of Miniatures)

Looking at the Sprues above, I keep wondering how these guys would look in armies for other games. I have long thought about playing SAGA and have held the 4-point Viking army by Gripping Beast in my hands multiple times but have not yet bought the product. Half-a-year ago, I was very close to buying that box and using the figures for both Frostgrave and SAGA.

Now I find myself wondering how those figures would measure up to these ones by North Star and wondering if the North Star figures could be used in SAGA as well as Frostgrave. I even wonder if an army could be comprised of both manufacturers mixed and matched. Another company that I wonder how their miniatures line up versus North Star’s is RAFM. In particular, they have a line of figures called The Norse Saga that might fit with the theme if the scale is right.

The Norse Saga

Check out these Minis by RAFM Miniatures. This is their War Dogs with Master set available in The Norse Saga line. I absolutely love that they put some armour on one of those dogs! This image is taken from RAFM’s webstore.

Completed Frostgrave Barbarian Miniatures

Now back to the updates from North Star. Aside from posting images of the new Barbarian Sprues on Facebook, they also added some pictures of really well painted Barbarians on the Nickstarter Page. Check these guys out!


A Man at Arms


An Archer

More Miniatures

Simply stunning. My guys won’t look this great when I paint them but the art shows you what a skilled painter can do with these new figures. Wow!

Two other new images that popped up on the site and/or Facebook is the Barbarian Captain and the Crow that goes with the Crow Master.


This guy looks amazing. I would not want to get in his way! What a great figure to add to an army.

The Crow for the Barbarian Crow Master.

Wrapping it up…

If you haven’t checked out North Star’s Current Frostgrave Campaign, be sure to check it out through them or Brigade Games in the USA.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!