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Showcase: Reaper Angel of Protection

I finally got back to the paint table and finished off some models. Today, let’s look at my Angel of Protection by Reaper Miniatures. This particular figure is from the Reaper Bones Line, but she can be bought in metal too. Now, I am no showcase quality painter but I am more than good enough for table top quality. Below are pictures of how my model turned out.

Reaper Bones

Personally, I think this model looks great and I really like that the angel is protecting a small child. The flowers I added to the base pick up and accent the radiating gold from her Halo nicely.

Reaper Bones

The details on this model turned out very well.

Reaper Bones

This is a great miniature that was a pleasure to paint.

When I first saw this model, I had immediate plans for her. This model is destined to be used in Bolt Action and Konflikt ’47 as an Objective Marker. Thematically, she fits very well with my British Commander and preexisting Objective Marker.

Konflikt '47 / Bolt Action

My British Commander by Warlord Games.

Bolt Action / Konflikt '47

My Preexisting Bolt Action / Konflikt ’47 Objective Marker by Reaper Miniatures.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!