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WizKids Beholder – Painted Showcase

Recently a friend of mine painted up a WizKids Beholder miniature. In this showcase, we showcase that miniature as painted by Dave Lamers. He also provided me with the pictures for this article. For those interested, Dave does commission work and you can reach him by email if desired. With that out of the way, let’s talk about the model.

Excellent Value

Now, I am not sure about you, but I own a lot of WizKids Dungeons and Dragons miniatures. For their price-point and quality, I find them to be a great deal. Furthermore, the miniatures come pre-primed with Vallejo paints, so all you have to do is paint.

That is exactly why myself (and my friends) own so many WizKids Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures. Heck, I don’t even play D&D right now, but instead buy them for skirmish miniatures games, or just because I like the model.

WizKids Beholder Miniature for Dungeons and Dragons - Painted miniature
WizKids Beholder Miniature for Dungeons and Dragons – Painted miniature.

The Beholder in Dungeons and Dragons

Straight up, the WizKids Beholder miniature is a Dungeons and Dragons Product. It is part of their D&D: Nolzur’s Marvelous Unpainted Miniatures line.

The Beholder is one of the creatures that Dungeons and Dragons holds intellectual property over. This means that if you want the stats of this creature, you are going to have to buy the Monster Manual book. You won’t find it on the Hypertext D20 SRD for 5th edition or for the older 3.5 edition of the D&D engine. That said, this is a creature that has been in Dungeons and Dragons since the 70s.

From second, to third, to fourth edition, I remember the Beholder as a creature that I never wanted to encounter. These floating orbs have one large eye and many tentacles with eyes. They are magical entities full of magical power. When they fight, they like spacious caverns with high ceilings where they can float away from the melee attacks of their enemies. To attack, they shoot ray attacks from their many eyes.

If you want more information on the Beholder, there are many web pages out there. Wikipedia, of course, has an entry but the most interesting page that I found about the Beholder was on the Wizards of the Coast website. It has pictures of the magical beast from all of the D&D editions.

A painted Dungeons and Dragons Beholder miniature by Dave Lamers
This is my favourite picture of the Beholder that Dave sent me. It is just a slightly different angle than the one above.

The Eye Demon in Frostgrave

Frostgrave does not have a Beholder, but there is a creature that the WizKids Beholder could proxy in for very easily. That creature is the Eye Demon found on The Renaissance Troll website. This demon is very powerful.

It comes with an elemental bolt attack and two other random spells that it casts very easily. It uses a handful of rules from Forgotten Pacts. This means that you will need that expansion book in addition to the base Frostgrave rule book to use Eye Demon’s stats to their full effect.

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for checking this showcase of a WizKids Beholder for Dungeons and Dragons. Dave Lamers did a great job painting this guy up and Dave takes in commission work for those interested. For me, I really like the WizKids line of Dungeons and Dragons miniatures because they are of good quality, pre-primed and at a price point that I consider right for impulse buying.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!