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Monster Scenery: Rock Hills Review – Game Terrain

In this post, I review Monster Scenery: Rock Hills by Monster Fight Club. This set was part of a package that the company sent me for Must Contain Minis. These rock hills come pre-painted and ready to go. Let’s take a look at what is in the box.

Disclaimer: Monster Fight Club sent Must Contain Minis this product for review purposes. While I accept sponsorship and review products, I am in no other way compensated for the posts on Must Contain Minis and reserve the right to give positive and negative reviews.

The Rock Hills Packaging

Again, like their other products, Monster fight club put these hills in pleasant packaging. On the back of the box there is a description of the product and they show how all of the rocks fit together to form a single larger hill. This means you get extra functionality from this product. Do you want one large hill, a medium and small hill, or three independent hills? You can do all three variations with this one box set.

Packaging of Monster Scenery: Rock Hills
A look at the back of the Monster Scenery Box for their Monster Scenery: Rock Hills.

Opening it up, you find three hills. They are wrapped up in plastic for extra protection. Below is how it looked when I unboxed my copy.

Monster Fight Club unboxing
What’s in the Monster Scenery Rock Hills box? Three hills all wrapped up in extra protection.

Taking it out of the Box

Inside the box I find three pieces of terrain in this collection.

Rocky Hills Terrain Review for miniatures gaming and RPGs
The three hills in Monster Fight Club’s Monster Scenery: Rock Hills box set.

I then tested them out to see if you could in fact make make a large hill with the box. It works well.

Monster Scenery: Rock Hills terrain review
The three pieces set close ready to be fitted together.
Three terrain pieces combined to make one hill. Top down look.
How they look fitted together from the top.
Monster Scenery: Rock Hills - three pieces combined to make one hill
A look at the hill from straight on.

Overall, the product looks nice, but how does it scale with miniatures?

Scale Comparison Pictures

The guys at Monster Fight Club designed this terrain to work with miniatures scaled from 28mm to 40mm gaming. Let’s take a look at how that looks with miniatures for Scale. For the sake of scale, I chose to display the terrain with Bolt Action, Age of Sigmar and Reaper miniatures.

Monster Scenery: Rock Hills Scale comparison with 28mm Bolt Action Miniatures
See here the terrain with 28mm Bolt Action figures.
28mm Bolt Action miniatures on terrain by Monster Fight Club
Each ledge easily holds a miniature.
I just love this shot of a British Bolt Action miniature
I added this picture in just because I like it. A close up of a lone soldier on the smallest rock hill. It just looks great!
Monster Scenery: Rock Hills Scale Comparison with Reaper Miniatures and Games Workshop.
On the left, a GW miniature. On the right, a 32mm Reaper Miniature.
Wargame Terrain Review - hills
A top down look of the terrain. You don’t see the different levels so much from the top, but you do can see that they have nice spacing to place your minis on the rock tops.

I pictured the terrain on top of a Monster Scenery: 3′ by 3′ Broken Grassland / Desert Scrubland Game Mat. If the game mat interests you, I wrote a review of that too. Overall, this is some wonderful looking terrain and I like that it is all ready to go just out of the box.

Review on YouTube

In addition to this written review of Monster Scenery: Rock Hills, I also published a video version on YouTube. Please feel free to check that out too.

My Monster Scenery: Rock Hills review on YouTube.

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Wrapping it up…

There you have it. My review of Monster Fight Club‘s Monster Scenery: Rock Hills pre-painted tabletop scenery set. Overall a nice product. I find them durable, appealing and very functional. They also come pre-painted so they are ready to go right out of the box. Monster Fight Club designed this terrain for use with miniatures 28mm to 40mm in size.

I also have a surprise, or a bit of a teaser image, for you. This kit also works well in combination with Monster Fight Club’s other products too. Here I combined the Rock Wills with the Bridges and Barricades set.

The Bridges and Barricades set with the Rock Hills set. I placed 28mm Frostgrave miniatures on them for scale comparison purposes.

The terrain actually works very well with the other products. I will take a closer look at the meshing of terrain pieces in a future post.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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