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Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!!

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Today is Canadian Thanksgiving. As such, I decided to take the day off. Hopefully you were able to do something fun or that you enjoyed. I ate a turkey dinner and had some pie. No big family gatherings this year due to COVID-19. Instead, I uploaded a new YouTube video and worked on a written review that I plan to post sometime tomorrow.

For interest sake, I included a sample picture and the video below.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to the readers of Must Contain Minis
A sample picture from an upcoming terrain review. This review should go out sometime tomorrow – perhaps in the evening. Monster Fight Club makes this terrain.

A video review of wargame terrain by Monster Fight Club – Monster Scenery trees and gaming mat.

In the above review I combine my Monster Scenery: Verdant Forest Review, my Monster Scenery: Game Mat Review and my Monster Fight Club Shipment – Reviews Incoming articles into one quick video.

To make the video easier to find, I also added it to the written articles listed above.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!