You are currently viewing 28mm Ruins Terrain Review on YouTube – MDF by XOLK

28mm Ruins Terrain Review on YouTube – MDF by XOLK

Today I want to draw your attention to my newest YouTube video where I review some 28mm Ruins Terrain. A Canadian Company named XOLK makes this terrain. You may recognize the images from posts in the past as this video is part of my efforts to get the content of this site up onto YouTube.

Come check out this video adaptation of three written posts. I embedded the video below. If that video does not work, you can also find the video with this link here.

In this YouTube video, I review three sets of MDF Ruins by XOLK.

These ruins look great and I find them well priced. I go over all that in the video above.

The Original Written Posts

This video was created with the original photos from the following three written posts. Between the written work and the video, you will actually see some different photos. One of the nice things about YouTube is that it allows me to show the photos in a higher resolution than this site does, and it lets me animate those photos too.

Now, here are those webpages of the original reviews.

Don’t forget to check out the XOLK website too.

Wrapping it up…

In efforts to keep growing bot this Website and the Must Contain Minis YouTube Channel I wanted to share this video with you. Please give it a watch and show your support.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!