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Frostgrave AAR: Mating Season (Into the Breeding Pits)

Recently, Dave, Randall and Jacob got into a three player game of Frostgrave. For this game, they played the Mating Season Mission of Into the Breeding Pits. Below is a picture of the table in play.

Frostgrave Into the Breeding Pits After Action Report (AAR)
A picture of the game in progress. We will return to this picture later in the Battle Report.

In Mating Season, three Giant Devourers look to mate. They are peaceful creatures until anyone of them are injured. At that point, all three monsters become hostile and will attack the closest warparty. For Wizards just starting out, these monsters would prove to be more than a match.

Frostgrave Battle Report
Above are the three models that we used as the Devourers in the breading pits.

Below are our warbands.

Frostgrave Necromancer Warband
Jacob’s Necromancer, the Undertaker, and his warband. The big guy on the right is his Captain. The warband consists of a Necromancer, an Apprentice, 2 Theifs, 2 Javelineers, 1 Marksman, 1 Templar, 1 Treasure Hunter and a Captain


Frostgrave Illusionist Warband
Dave’s Illusionist, Beorncrom the Quick, and his warband of Barbarians. His warband consists of an Illusionist and his Apprentice, 4 Thugs, 1 Crossbowman, 1 Assassin, and a Treasure Hunter


Frostgrave Sigilist Warband
Randall’s Sigilist, Sister Beatrice (Keeper of the Word), and her warband. Her warband consists of Sister Beatrice, an Apprentice, 1 Treasure Hunter, 2 Thugs, 1 Templar, and an Assassin.

On thing that I like and was surprised by was that none of the players took attack focused Wizards. The Undertaker didn’t even take the spell Bone Dart. Crazy!!!

Below is a picture of the table before the start of the game. For this mission, we had the left side of the table as a fairly open winter ruins scape, while on the left we have a cave system.

For us, this represented a perfect opening table for our first game of Into the Breeding Pits. Frostgrave: Into the Breeding Pits has rules to take games into the underground.

Terra Tiles in Use Table Top Terrain
A picture of the gaming board before play. The war parties are posed for the pictures above. This picture does not represent the game in play.

We ruled that “thin walls” of the caves could be breached using the spell “Crumble.” We also used the optional rules for traps. Good or Bad, Dave rolled a lot of ones for initiative – giving him the ability to spring a lot of traps on the other players.

We also ruled that the cave had two natural exits. One at the mouth of the cave in the middle of the table and the other in the top right (picture above) where the cave exits the map. Before starting the game, we placed treasure. Only two were placed on the snow part of the board. The rest would be in the caves.

The players then determined their starting corners. None would start in the caves.

Frostgrave Deployment
A look at the treasure placement on the board. Many of the treasures would be housed in the caves.

We deployed our forces and smack dab in the middle of our deployment zones would be a Devourer.

Frostgrave Deployment


Frostgrave Deployment


Frostgrave Deployment

We all joked about being the first to attack a Devourer, but no one had the guts to actually do so. Both the Undertaker and Sister Beatrice started the game by trying to create new entrances to the cave system with the Crumble spell. Neither succeeded on the first turn.

A Peaceful Devourer - Mating Season AAR Frostgrave
Sister Beatrice tries to create an opening into the cave but is unsuccessful. Her warband cautiously remain on standby against a peaceful Devourer.


A Peaceful Devourer
Beorncrom’s group advances and jokes about attacking the Devourer (and thereby ending the peaceful state of the Devourers), but uses his second actions for more movement.


Frostgrave Battle Report - Into the Breeding Pits
The Undertaker gathers his forces at a “thin wall.” He fails at the spell – Crumble. Meanwhile, his Apprentice takes a selection of soldiers to guard their rear and to take the closest treasure.


Frostgrave Mating Season After Action Report
An overhead shot of the game at the end of round one. Notice that there is a figure already in the cave system. That is Beorncrom the Quick. He teleported into there to be first to search the caves.

During round two, all of the players enter the caves. Beorncrom was already in the caves, but without support. His soldiers continue to march into the cave entrance. Sister Beatrice casts Crumble and moves half of her force into the caves. The Undertaker also enters into the caves but much more tactically.

Frostgrave Into the Breeding Pits AAR
Beorncrom’s force marches right into the entrance of the cave. They are very close to where the Devourers are heading to breed.


Frostgrave Mating Season AAR
Sister Beatrice enters directly into a cave of gold.


Frostgrave Cultists Battle Report
The Undertaker brings his men into the caves with a very tactical formation. In the distance, you can see Beorncrom running away from the Undertaker’s force.

Beorncrom rolls a one for initiative and chooses to spring a trap on the Undertaker’s Marksman. An axe springs out of the cave all and is stopped by the Marksman’s armour. That was close!!!

The Undertaker continues to proceed very tactfully. He has two thieves making off with treasure and a wall of soldiers protecting them. He casts Fog to obscure the actions of his force.

Frostgrave Battle Report
A shot of the action from the side of the Necromancer.

Beorncrom would not let the treasure go without a fight. His Assassin makes it close to a Treasure Hunter but is met by a Templar. Dave learns, out of game, that it is not a good idea to take a character meant to gain up against targets into a fight without support.


Frostgrave Battle Table - Terrain Set Up
We are now at the point of the first picture of this post. The monsters are almost at their central breeding location and treasures are soon to be carried off the table. On the bottom left, a lone Assassin takes on a group of enemy soldiers.


Frosgrave AAR
The Undertaker’s Templar comes in swinging!

The Templar smashes the day lights out of the Assassin.

Frostgrave Templar Kills an Assassin
And smashes the daylights out of the Assassin.
Beorncrom’s soldiers emerge through the fog and take revenge on the Undertaker’s Javelineer.


Fog Spell - Frostgrave
A high level shot of the current action.


The Undertaker’s Treasure Hunter moves in to take revenge. No damage is given. Notice that Beorncrom has two soldiers in behind the fog yet to come and help.

At the top of the round Beorncrom rolls another one for initiative. He targets the Marksman and a pit appears under his feet. The Marksman manages to jump out of the way. In future pictures, that pit is represented by a white business card. Why do all of the traps keep picking on this guy!!? Better him than my Wizard!

The Marksman activates with the Wizard and takes aim at one of Beorncrom’s soldier. Snap, the soldier suffers a fatal shot from a crossbow bolt!!! At the same time, the Undertaker casts “Bones of the Earth” on the soldier that took out the Javelineer.

The Marksman takes out one of Beorncrom’s soldiers while the Wizard casts “Bones of the Earth” on the other soldier.


Another one of Beorncrom’s soldiers comes to help and takes out the Treasure Hunter.
Meanwhile, Sister Beatrice’s crew manages to grab treasures and start making their way off the board without a fight.

At this point, the Devourers reach the breeding point and begin with what comes naturally. Satisfied with his treasure haul (and experience earned), the Undertaker starts to flee the board and so too does Sister Beatrice’s warband.

A shot of most of the action on the table.


The Undertaker’s warband begins a fighting withdraw. Yes… there is a pit in the way, but they can get through it by climbing.


Frostgrave AAR
Beorncrom’s forces are closest to the Devourers’ party, but there are no rewards for that kind of bravery. Knowing that the Devourers will attack if they are damaged, the Undertaker’s Zombie attacks the creatures. Lucky for Beorncrom, there is no effect.

This is pretty much how the battle ended. From this point, the forces of Sister Beatrice and the Undertaker exit the table while Beorncrom tries to cause some damage to both parties as they exit. No real damage is caused and the Undertaker’s warband is the big winner of the day. Sister Beatrice (who was allowed to roam the board without much opposition) also pulled in a good haul of treasure.

What a fun game this was. We had an awesome time playing on this board and got in two more battles for future Battle Reports.

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Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!


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