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Happy Halloween 2017!!!!

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Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

In celebration of Halloween, I have compiled a list of posts from this year with various Halloween elements. Please take a look through the stories and enjoy some reading.  🙂

Tiszirain is Summoned!!! Frostgrave Battle Report

In this Battle Report, the players must stop an evil Wizard from summoning Tiszirain (a Demon Lord). Undenounced to the other players, two of the six players actually have an interest in Tiszirain being summoned. One actually even gets points if he is the one to summon Tiszirain. This made for a very sinister game!!!


Fireteam Zero – The Minis in the Box

In this post, we take a close look at the miniatures in the board game Fire Team Zero. Some of the figures are very creepy.


Fireteam Zero Miniatures
Fireteam Zero – The Minis in the Box


The Others – Playthrough and First Impressions

Be sure to check out this Battle Report. In this one, I play a fully painted copy of the board game The Others and share my first impressions (as well as a Battle Report). This post has an incredible ending from a player’s perspective.

The Others
The Others – Playthrough and First Impressions


Unboxing Zombicide: Black Plague by CMON

This quick post is an unboxing of Zombicide: Black Plague.

Looking at Zombicide: Black Plague by Cool Mini or Not
Zombicide: Black Plague Unboxing


Zombie Kills Wizard!!! Frostgrave Battle Report

In this excellent Battle Report, a lowly Zombie kills a Wizard in Frostgrave!!! This post has a small write up by me and an embedded video of the game. Ash Barker filmed this one for his YouTube Channel Guerilla Miniature Games.

Forgotten Pacts Battle Report
Zombie Kills Wizard!!! Frostgrave Battle Report

Halloween Sale 2017

Don’t forget about the big Halloween sale going on over at DriveThruRPG. In this post, I take a look at all of the items on sale and point out specific ones that I think might be of interest to the Wargamer. If you make a purchase after visiting DriveThruRPG through one of the links on this site, Must Contain Minis receives a 5% commission (at no extra cost to you) to help support and grow the website.


Wrapping it Up

Hopefully everyone has a good Halloween and enjoys the day. Please feel free to look around and visit the stories above.

We, at Must Contain Minis, strive to publish two to three times a week, so be sure to BookMark this website and come back every week to see what is new.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!