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Battle Report: Frostgrave at Over The Top 2016

At the Lords Of the North Over The Top games day, I was able to get an enjoyable game in of Frostgrave. This table was sponsored and ran by the guys from 6 Squared Studios.
This is a shot of the game table. My warband would deploy on the bottom left corner, behind that castle wall.
A shot showing the right side of the table.

Because the game is just a demo a convention, the campaign system did not come into play. Instead, each treasure on the table was assigned a predetermined number of points and whomever carried the most points worth of treasure off the board would win.

This Witch and her entourage is the warband that I selected for the game. For spells I had poison dart, elemental bolt, familiar, curse, heal and leap. Leap would be the spell that I used the most.
This is a Necromancer warband.
A Vampire Lord / Necromancer warband.
I am not sure what Wizard type this one was, but all of his soldiers were heavily armoured and he had 5 Wardogs in his group.

My battle plan was similar to how I won The Lords of War Frostgrave Campaign Day. That is, to split my forces and run them in quick with Leap to capture the treasure and get out. Without the fog spell, this strategy did not work for me this time.

This was my deployment. The Apprentice with two archers to the left and the Wizard with two archers and one ranger on the right. There are two treasure tokens on the wall. The game host figured that warbands would have to run up the ramp to get to those tokens. I had a different idea and had a soldier on each treasure by the end of turn one using the Leap spell.
By the end of turn one, I had an archer on each treasure. This one is worth one point.
And this treasure is worth three points.

In turn two I leaped the guy with the three point treasure off the board. Seeing that I was winning so quickly, two out of the three warbands immediately placed their focus on me. This was not good and my Archer with the one point treasure died very quickly as a result from a bone dart.

Due to my Apprentice moving up and a resulting line of site issue, I could not just leap this model off the board with a treasure. On my enemy’s Wizards turn, my archer was killed with a Bone Dart.
Afraid of my arrows, this group cautiously approached as one large clump. I wished that I had something with an area of effect. This group was after my Apprentice.
This group approached my Wizard.
With their leader having his minions picking up treasure slightly behind them.
My Apprentice and an archer were able to fend off a barbarian (the winged demon) and some thugs. The Apprentice was able to fend off all three enemies for two rounds and then escape.
While the other two warbands focused on me, the third made its way safely to the tower. The tower had a magical field around it preventing spells from going in or out. It also had around 8 to 10 points worth of treasure.
My wizard got severely wounded in an attack by a random wild dog. My Wizard would later push the dog off, but the second Necromancer’s Apprentice ended my Witch’s day with a Bone Dart.
It is not everyday that an Apprentice kills a Wizard. Well done.
Unfortunately, the archer did not survive this confrontation, but my Apprentice was able to escape and fight another day. The Apprentice is even more important to me now because I lost my Wizard.

From here on out, the guys around the table had a great time teasing me whenever it was my Wizard’s turn to activate. “It’s your turn. What you can’t go because you have no Wizard. Sorry about that, I forgot.” Oh well. I was still in the lead with points since I got the most treasure off the board.

Once one of the players entered the middle tower, a Wright appeared. The Wright was there to guard the treasures in the tower and none of us had magic weapons to deal with him. Some of the Wizards had elemental spells that would work, but they were not in the tower.
Back to my forces, my Apprentice disengaged and ran from the enemy.
In an act of mercy (and maybe greed) my opponent regrouped and went after the opponent that entered the tower.
My ranger was fighting over a treasure with a different opponent, so I rushed my Apprentice in to help with the die rolls. In retrospect, the ranger was already carrying the treasure, I should have just leaped him out of the battle. I believe my opponent “pushed” my Apprentice out of battle as an act of Mercy. Having a +0 Apprentice in combat is not a wise move on my part.
baited by a beast, the wraith came out of the tower.
The dog won the battle and pushed the Wraith one inch right off the platform and down to the battlefield below.
Having passed the force-field, the enemy wizard cast teleport to get himself into the top of the tower to pick up that five point treasure.
After that, he was able to come down the tower without much opposition. I did take two shots at him with archers, but they both missed.
There was a furious battle going on between two Warbands and the Wraith had just fallen out of the tower and beside this group already engaged in melee.


What was not killed by an opposing Warband was swiftly killed by the Wraith. What a bloodbath!
The battle raged on, but the game timed out.
My graveyard… My Wizard, ranger and two archers were all casualties in this battle. Only my Apprentice and two archers made it without falling to an enemy.

In the end, I got second place by treasure count. I took the most casualties, but I did manage to get one three point token off the board before the game timed out. One of the other players managed to get four points off the board. The other two groups were so focused on the battle that they didn’t get the treasures off the board in time.

This was my fourth game of Frostgrave and I had a great time. It sucked that my Wizard died, but sometimes the dice are just against you. All it takes is one bad roll off. This game, it was against a lowly wild dog that took most of the hit points off of my Wizard. Then my opponent was able to take advantage and finish me off with his Apprentice’s Bone Dart. Good thing this wasn’t Charlie Company as I would have lost automatically for my main character being a casualty.  🙂

6 Squared Studios sponsored this table and they have some products that I would like to bring to my readers’ attention. When I left the world of miniatures, I was dismayed with the constant price-hikes that the big miniatures company was taking. At the time, I did not know about the little guys and other gaming companies out there so I felt “monied” right out of my hobby. I could not afford GW prices and was so happy when I went to my first Hotlead Convention and found that there are plenty of alternative games out there that cost less. As my readers know, I bought into some more affordable games at that convention and one year I noticed a new company selling bases and river tiles. That company is 6 Squared Studios. The first thing that I noticed about them was their prices. They are an amazing value for what you get. You will not have to mortgage a house to outfit a table with their products. Lately, they have got more into scatter terrain and tokens.

I would like to bring my readers attention to some of the products on the Frostgrave table by 6 Squared Studios. Specifically check out how great the products look for the price that they are asking. All of the prices are in Canadian dollars because that is where I live.

This is their Open Grain Sacks. It is a single piece item and runs 99-cents each.
You can see another Open Grain Sacks piece here beside a 28mm mini for scale. Across from it is their Small Stack of Grain. This small stack sells for $1.29 each. The skull tokens are also from their product range and are priced at $9.99 for a bag of 20.
Another piece that is $9.99 is this Herdstone. It is very sizable as you will be able to tell in the picture below.
Here I circled all the products that I know for sure came from 6 Squared Studios. In the back right (behind that Pegasus Games Gothic Ruins Set) is the Herdstone. You can tell from it sticking out, that it is very large for a piece of scatter terrain. There are also a series of Stone Outcroppings circled and those stones run $4.99 for a set of three. As we discussed in earlier pictures, there is a small stack of grain and a number of tokens on the table. There is also a Sandbag Barricade along the Castle wall. That Barricade runs $2.49 and eventually you will see a review of it on this Blog because I bought myself a few of them.
I have no idea what 6 Squared Studios charges for shipping to my international readers, but for me, their products are a great value because I buy from them direct at conventions. At the last convention I went to, I bought a number of their items and plan to do a review of those items once I have them painted.
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