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Going to Tempest Hold with RM Printable Terrain

It has been a while since I last wrote about RM Printable Terrain and Miniatures or My Mini Factory, but they are at it again. RM Printable Terrain and Miniatures brings Tempest Hold to Kickstarter. What is Tempest Hold?

Tempest Hold is an STL (3D Printer Files) and RPG collection. In this Kickstarter campaign, you will find a Role Playing supplement book for 5E along with all the STL files you could ever want to print off for the game.

Tempest Hold 5E RPG Book
Looking for a new 5E supplement? RM Printable terrain brings to you Tempest Hold along with plenty of matching STL files. Using these files, you can print off the creatures in the book.

If only the book interests you, RM Printable Terrain made pledge levels so you can get in PDF, hardcover or both formats. Interested in just the STL files, you can buy only them too. Of course, the company hopes that you will go all in and buy everything.

They also have bonuses that you can add in from previous campaigns too.

That said, let’s take a look at the the STLs.

The Printable Files – Tempest Hold

My Mini Factory will take care of the fulfillment of the STL portion of this Kickstarter Campaign. Let’s look at some of the renders up for grabs.

Mages STL Files - 3D Printed Wizards
I really like these Wizards.
A Mage - Tempest Hold
This printable miniature looks absolutely awesome!
Some old Guard Miniatures
Some interesting miniatures up here. They remind me of Witch Hunters of sorts.
Mallakson's Folk - 3D Printed Dwarfs - STL Files
I am not sure about you, but there is something that I really like about Dwarfs.

There are some large monsters in this collection too.

A Hill Giant Zombie - How Cool is that!? 
3D printed files from Tempest Hold by RM Printable Terrain and Miniatures
This Zombie Hill Giant is an amazing idea. Really neat!
Here is that Hill Giant Zombie amongst many more monsters.

Above is but a small selection of what RM Printable Terrain plans to publish out of this Kickstarter. Be sure to check out their Kickstarter Page to see more.

My Mini Factory

If you want to try out a miniature or two before buying, you could always head to My Mini Factory and buy an earlier STL from RM Printable Terrain. In fact, My Mini Factory has an entire section dedicated to RM Printable Terrain.

My Mini Factory is a fantastic resource for those looking for 3D printer files.

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for joining me in this quick look at the Tempest Hold Kickstarter Project by RM Printable Terrain and Miniatures. I must say that I really like what I see from RM Printable Terrain and Miniatures. My Minis Factory will also be involved in the fulfillment of this project.

If you are interested in the Kickstarter Campaign, head on over and check it out. At the time of publishing this article, two weeks remains to the campaign.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

This new Kickstarter campaign with Terrain, Miniatures and an RPG supplement certainly looks interesting.